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Local actress calls out rude comments targeting her mother

Local actress calls out rude comments targeting her mother 2

RECENTLY, local actress Anna Jobling was bombarded with rude comments about her mother’s appearance likening her to a maid, on the social media platform TikTok, which left her angry at the disrespect thrown toward her mother.

“She looks like your maid,” a netizen commented.


“I thought that was her maid. I even said that it’s nice of her to respect her maid,” another netizen added.

In an interview with XTRA, the actress blasted the inconsiderate remarks left on her videos even though her family has never done such a thing.

“Why would you insult someone’s mom like that? Can you just respect my family? For me, don’t mess with my family. If you have a problem with me, just tell it straight to my face. Don’t drag my family into this because they are not bothering anybody. How would you feel if someone is being rude towards your family member?” Anna was quoted as saying.


Meanwhile, Anna has praised her mother for being a strong woman, only focusing on taking care of her family and mainly ignoring the negativity spewed online. She also conveyed her gratitude to her fans for always having her back.

“Praise God my mother is a strong woman. She only focuses on my well-being. For all the negative comments we have received, we have no loss. ” she said.

“I’m so grateful to have fans who backed me up, as they understand how it feels. My fans are kind, supporting and very respectful to my family and me and I’m so grateful to have them,” she added.


Moreover, Anna hopes that people will comment more on her acting career, especially on projects involving her.


Source – Sun Uk

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