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Local coffee joint under fire after ‘mocking’ customer’s experience being shortchanged

Local coffee joint under fire after ‘mocking’ customer’s experience being shortchanged 2

A popular local coffee chain has come under fire on social media recently for their dismissive response towards a customer’s complaint.

Malay Mail had reported that the complaint was from a Facebook post shared by user Fdaus Ahmad who recalled his experience purchasing a RM 11.75 cup of coffee and paid RM12 for it however he was almost shortchanged five cents as the cashier did not have enough five cent coins.


Fdaus then replied since the shop was short by five cents, it is only right to hand in another 10 cents instead of 20 cents. The cashier then handed him another 10 cents.

“No, I’m not trying to be fussy, but the issue here is not about the five sen, 50 sen or RM50 value — it’s more on the gentleman principle between a seller and a customer. Imagine if I paid RM11.70 for the RM11.75 coffee and just simply said sorry and told you that I’m five sen short, how would you feel?” Fdaus wrote in the post.

The post was went viral, generating over 18,000 likes and 7,000 shares on Facebook with users agreeing mostly to the post that the establishment must uphold their responsibility in providing enough change during service. Some netizens disagreed calling Fdaus fussy while others were mocking him for not utilising cashless payment methods.


The local coffee shop’s chief operating officer who responded with an apology regarding the incident and released a comprehensive statement complete with a CCTV timestamp of the incident and their next course of action that included removing all five sen denominations in their next menu cycle on social media after conducting an investigation immediately.

Tian also concluded that the issue was a customer sharing their opinions rather than a short-change issue.

“Based on the findings above, we can conclude that this was a case of customer highlighting despite a mere five sen, a business should return the exact change, or more, never short-change-as part of business ethics and principle, which our team member did almost immediately. We do not see this as a case of short-changing but highlighting of personal opinion which all businesses should adapt,” he reportedly said in the statement.


Not only that, the coffee chain acknowledged Fdaus’s Facebook post and proceeded to introduce a 75 sen off voucher code to make up for the trouble caused which left a sour taste amongst netizens. Meanwhile, the establishment has received flak for a post on Twitter where a CCTV footage of the incident was uploaded on October 1.

“The math is simple here. How many times you didn’t return the 5 sen to any customers? And yet you still had the audacity to mock us with the 75 sen token. You need to remember that every word and action you take will be stamp forever in this internet world,” a Twitter user said.

“I am not that good in English, but writing “a mere five sen” for me is just like sorry but not sorry. Like saying five sen is not that important. Showing how arrogant you are as a person,” another Twitter user chimed in


“Sometimes silly mistakes will bring you down. Bear in mind, recession is just around the corner. Hasta la vista,” replied another user.

Source – Sun Uk


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