Local man advises others to get better cars to improve dating chances

Local man advises others to get better cars to improve dating chances 2

A LOCAL man anonymously posted online advising other men to drive better cars to increase their chances in online dating.

Malaysia Trend reported that the young man said in his post that his dates lose interest as soon as they find out he drives a Perodua Bezza, which made him ‘realise’ that women notice the vehicle before the man.

He also claims that he earns around RM6,000 monthly but makes RM 10,000 sometimes due to high commissions received at his job.

“I came to the realisation that the first thing girls would notice when you meet someone you met online and decide to go out with is the automobile you drive. The girls I’ve met up with entirely lose interest in me when they see the Perodua Bezza I drive, I’ve noticed. “I purchased a Perodua Bezza since I needed a car right away. So, if you want to buy a car, please get a “better” car, fellow guys.” he reportedly said in a Facebook post.

He added that a Proton model is superior to Perodua, and there is no need to purchase a Honda, Mercedes, BMW, or Toyota. He concluded the post by noting that in contrast to what most girls think upon noticing a man driving a Perodua Bezza, perhaps the model may be too commonplace and said that the girls he dated were not materialistic for thinking so.

However, his post invited a barrage of disapproval from netizens who disagreed saying they do not care about the type of cars their dates drive.

“Usually, I start by checking the man’s face before looking at how clean his vehicle is. The expensive cars that men drive might be rented,” a netizen said.

“I do not really care about the car a guy drives or how he looks. But I do care about his driving skills, it has to be good,” another netizen commented.

Source – Sun Uk

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