Long Beach Yacht Club: History, Mission, Programmes, and How to become a member of the 92 years old club!


The popular Long Beach Yacht Club was formed in 1929 and it is considered as a main club in the global yachting local community for its commitment to greatness in yacht racing and development.

Presently in its 56th year, the Club’s main evident, Congressional Cup, is the prominent match racing regatta in the United States and is known as the Gateway to America’s Cup. 

Aside from organizing and promoting various neighborhood, public, and worldwide yachting events, the members of the club partake in an all-year year schedule of social, yachting, and junior exercises at its wonderful clubhouse on the shore of Alamitos Bay.


Long Beach Yatch Club participated in the 2021 America’s Cup in January and February in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Long Beach Yatch Club – Mission 

The mission of Long Beach Yacht Club is to facilitate yachting and competitive sportsmanship on a world-class level. The club’s exclusive waterfront location, yachting assets, facilities, and programs both for professionals and young stars make it the first choice for everyone who wishes to have a taste of social and recreational enjoyment


Sailing and Racing 

The clu takes part in other events aside from its flagship competition, the Congressional Cup. It particiaptes in the illustrious Seawanhaka Cup, Ficker Cup among others. 

The club also organises junior and adult sailing programs and competitions 


The Long Beach Sailing Foundation’s mission is to facilitate and promote national and international amateur sailing and to boost maritime education and community sailing opportunities. 

The Long Beach Sailing foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, formed to own, maintain and manage a fleet of similar Catalina 37 sailboats donated by Frank Butler, the president of Catalina Yachts, for use in Long Beach Yacht Club’s main event, the Congressional Cup. 


All through the year, the Long Beach Sailng Foundation promote programs designed to support STEM education, sailor development and community outreach.  

These programs are made possible through the support of the club’s sponsors and through the partnerships with the following organizations: Long Beach Yacht Club, the US Sailing Center, the Marcedes Lewis Foundation, Boys & Girls Club and many other members of the local sailing society. 

Become a member of Long Beach Yacht Club 

Being a member of a yacht club like the Long Beach Yatch Club is often considered as a significant landmark in one’s life. It represents a certain degree of success and allows you to enjoy a handful of luxurious opportunities and amenities. Going on a vogae on a yacht is one of the ways to unwind from a hectic work week while you try to establish your presence in the social space. 

You can become a member of the Long Beach Yacht Club by logging on to the website to fill an online form where you will be required to enter your details.You can either be a regular member or an intermediate member. 


Members of Long Beach Yacht Club have different curiosities and that club caters to their needs. The club’s facilities, staff and volunteers organise events focused on boating (power and sail), social, business, entertainment and charity. Boat ownership is not part of the requirements to be a member of the club. 



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