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Lota Cheek US beauty queen Background, Net Worth, Family, Husband

Lota Cheek was once dubbed “America’s Most Beautiful Girl,” and she captivated both men and women. She was both an actress and a model. This brief post examines her background, parents, and other personal information.

Lota Cheek Background

Lotta Cheek was an American actress and beauty pageant winner. Leon Cheek, a farmer from Georgia, was her father. Lota became a successful actress in New York City after winning a beauty contest in 1921 and being named America’s prettiest girl.

Lota Cheek

Lotta Cheek was born on August 31, 1898 in Pavo, Thomas County, Georgia, United States. She grew up under her parents’ tutelage and went on to have a successful career. She had a sister named Ruth Denzey Cheek as well.



Lota was embroiled in a scandalous divorce case in 1922. (her husband was simultaneously married to another woman). By 1925, she had remarried and adopted her new husband’s surname, Sanders. Lota’s last known appearance was in a Colgate Toothpaste advertisement in 1927.


Lota Cheek died on April 22, 1978, at the age of 79, in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, USA. We couldn’t find any information about her death on the internet. Given her age, it is reasonable to assume that she died of natural causes.

Net Worth

Lota Cheek net worth was not put on record. But being an actress and a former beauty queen, she must have earned a decent amount of money during her career.


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