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Mako Boats Reviews: See what people have been saying about Mako Pro Skiff 17 CC, Pro Skiff 15 CC, among other Mako Boats. 

Mako Boats Reviews: See what people have been saying about Mako Pro Skiff 17 CC, Pro Skiff 15 CC, among other Mako Boats.  2

With over 50 years of existence, Mako is without a doubt one of the leading makers of fishing boats in the United States and by extension, the world. 

The first Mako Boat was made in 1966 but was launched at the 1967 Miami Boat Show where it got about 400 orders at the boat show – a feat considered to be remarkable then and now. 

Mako Boats Reviews


Mako Boats over the years have garnered strong reputations considering its strong fishing boats which are built to help Fishermen navigate the most difficult regions while fishing. 

The purchase of Mako by WRMG in 1996 meant that the offshore and inshore boats will only get stronger and better in terms of quality and overall durability. 

Today, WRMG is the biggest boat builder in the world by volume. 


So what are independent reviewers and people who have bought or used any of the Mako Boats over the years and most recently saying about the boats? This piece takes a look at some comments by verified customers who have bought one or two of the Mako Boats offshore or inshore boats. 

Mako Boats Reviews 

  • Not all boats on the market are made to be large with space for multiple people. Many are made with a more utilitarian thought in mind. Inshore fishing does not require a large boat, but rather a small boat that is perfect for getting into the small inlets, streams, and rivers throughout the area. The Mako Pro Skiff 17 CC boats for sale today are among the best skiffs on the market. They are small but well-equipped for exceptional inshore fishing excursions……Vessel Vendor 
  • For a small skiff, there is little need for substantial horsepower. This inshore style boat does not have to contend with the open ocean and therefore the limited 115 horsepower for the Mako Pro Skiff 19 CC boats is perfect. The horsepower might be a bit limited, but the Mako designers have integrated many different options into the motors available for the vessel. Mercury Four Stroke motors tend to be among the most common in Florida and the options for that style of motor is the 115 WXLPT and the 90 EXLPT both with the option of Command Thrust. The Mercury Pro XS is available as well with or without Command Thrust depending on the needs of the customer…….Vessel Vendor 
  • I purchased a 2013 Mako 17 pro skiff, from Tracker Marine/Bass Pro, in Fort Myers FL. The boat was on a Legacy Trailer Inc DBA Rolco. The brake lines fell off the trailer on the way home from Bass Pro. I live very close to the boat ramp that we use to launch the boat, but after only 6 months both tires wore out on the inside – I mean bald on inside! I returned to Bass Pro and showed them both problems. The manager said he would order parts for brakes, but the tires that came on the trailer were cheap, and guaranteed me that if I bought new tires the problem would be fixed. I bought new tires and now the new set of tires are showing the same balding on the inside of both tires and never got a call that the brake parts were in. Wow. What poor follow up by the dealer. I’m out 4 tires, no brakes and the trailer is still going to wear tires out! And I only have maybe 500 miles on the trailer. I was a VIP customer of Bass Pro but I will never spend any money in that store!!……..David of Naples via Consumer Affairs 
  • We purchased a Mako LTS in May from Bass Pro Shop in Prattville, AL. The staff at Bass Pro couldn’t have been more helpful during the purchase. This all changed after we discovered a large crack in the console in July. We took the boat back to BPS and were told they would contact us in a few days with further information. A week later we still hadn’t heard from them so we called. And called. And called. When someone finally answered, he said they had already called us. The salesman expressed to us during the buying process how much he wanted us to be pleased with our purchase so we could spread the word. I thought he might be interested in how dissatisfied we were so I called him as well.  

He said he would check on it but when he called me back he was abrupt, somewhat rude, and also tried to tell me that the service department had in fact called us. My assurance that no one had contacted us was basically ignored. I’m sorry to say this, but I truly feel the fact I’m female played a role in the manner he responded to me. To sum it up, less than two months after purchasing a brand new boat, it’s in the shop for nearly three weeks (so far) being repaired and the people who sold it to us couldn’t care less. Not even an apology. I’ve never been so disappointed with a purchase. It certainly doesn’t seem that they care at all about service after the sale…..Brett of Auburn via Consumer Affairs 

  • I bought a MAKO 21 LTS from Bass Pro Fort Worth TX on May 17th 2014. I have used the boat only on tournaments 7 of them a year. Last April the boat was taking on water and the bilge pump was working overtime pumping out water. When looked at onshore it showed a big area of gel coat and showed approx. 18″X18″ two places of fiberglass and other cracks in the hull. Took it back to Bass Pro and they sent it back to the manufacturer. They sent it back saying it was my fault as it had scratches and gouge in the center of the hull. No way could this happen in any situation, as someone with little experience can see this is Tracker Marine/MAKO issue, period… Warranty should have covered this as it was not from anything it’sone, its just bad fabrication, Delamination!!!….. Jack of Arlington via Consumer Affairs 
  • Power is quite important especially if you intend on taking your boat into some of the deeper waters of Florida. The max horsepower recommendation for the Mako 19 CPX boats for sale is 150, but that is more than enough power to have fun on the water all day long. The available motors for the boat are the Mercury 115, 90, and 150 EXLPT Four Stroke engines or the 150 OptiMax Pro XS. There may even be additional options for an additional fee, but these are the standard options for the boat currently. No matter which one you choose, you are sure to have an excellent time fishing and enjoying some water sports with the family as well……Vessel Vendor 
  • I bought a 17 ft. Pro skiff on 2/28/20, for two weeks now I have been waiting for the rear curtain for the skiff. The boat is still at the shop in Miami waiting for the parts that I ordered. I live in Key largo fl. I live too far to be going back and forth just to get the parts on the boat that’s why the boat is there. These curtains are on display on the boats so why aren’t they in stock at the store. Why is it so hard to get this part……Gibert via Pissedcustimer.com 



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