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Man pees in front of school; threatens when reprimanded

Man pees in front of school; threatens when reprimanded 2


RECENTLY, a man was caught by an individual for releasing his urges publicly in front of a school.

The same individual then reprimanded the man for doing such an act but instead of apologising, the man reacted in a hostile manner.


According to the video uploaded by TikTok user @urdazzyboi, it showed the man was being accused of peeing in front of a school.

Although the man was not caught in action, his reaction proves otherwise. When the netizen approaches him, he furiously threatened him.

The confrontation continued, and the man did not show any sign of guilt but said he was ready to fight anyone who was not satisfied with him.


He even threatened the netizen to delete the video if he didn’t want to face the consequences.

It is unclear if complaints have been lodged to the school administration or if the authorities have been informed to investigate the situation.



Source – Sun Uk


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