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Meet Cicely Johnston, wife of Demond Wilson, a US Veteran and Actor-turned Gospel Preacher!

Meet Cicely Johnston, wife of Demond Wilson, a US Veteran and Actor-turned Gospel Preacher! 2

Meet Cicely Johnston, wife of Demond Wilson, a US Veteran and Actor-turned Gospel Preacher!

Controversy, hard work and creativity ingenuity, consistency, relationship with a popular figure are among a long list of things that could get one into the coveted land of fame within a twinkling of an eye without using a chopper. Cicely Johnston is a beneficiary of one of the aforementioned factors.

From the outlook of Cicely Johnston, one can deduce that either her hard work or relationship with a popular figure made her became famous not controversy or any form of image-denting incident or occurrence.

Cicely Johnston is popular because she is the faithful and dutiful wife of legendary American Actor who later heeded to the calling of Jesus Christ to become a Preacher of the Gospel, Demond Wilson.


Cicely Johnston

No disrespect to Cicely Johnston, she is also a celebrity but maybe not as big as her husband, Demond Wilson who is well-known for his role as Lamont Sanford in the NBC sitcom Sanford and Son (1972-1977) as well as Raymond Ellis in CBS comedy series Baby…I’m Back in 1978.

Aside from being the wife of a Demond Wilson who’s also a US Veteran, what else do we know about Cicely Johnston?

The ex-model is one of those famous figures in the American entertainment industry who should be given an honorary Doctorate for concealing details about their private life so well. This means there is little or minute information as regards her background, family, education and among others in which fans would have love to know about.


However, you can read on to find out what we know about her.

She is of African-American origin, she was born in the United States but the exact date and place are unknown. Whereas, her husband Demond Wilson was born on 13th October 1946 in Valdosta, Georgia, but spent his formative years in New York City where he began his career.

Cicely Johnston

Cicely Johnston is a retired model who had to do work as a stewardess at some point to support herself financially before she made a breakthrough in her modelling career.


Cicely Johnston Marriage to Demond Wilson.

The couple has been together through the good and bad times for 46 staggering years. They tied the knot on the 3rd of May 1974 in a private ceremony. Cicely Johnston and her husband have six children together: Christopher Wilson, Demond Jr. Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Nicole Wilson and Mellisa Wilson. The name is unknown.

Their marriage almost crashed when Demond felt isolated from everything especially when his wife was hospitalized, his close neighbours lived half a mile away and the actor was addicted to cocaine where he spent $1000 on it daily. He even cheated on his wife at some point.

However, she didn’t file for a divorce. Instead, he stood by him and even supported him in fulfilling his childhood vow of becoming a Pastor.

Net Worth.

Cicely Johnston’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000 most of which she must have made during her modelling career and her job as a stewardess. However, her husband’s net worth is I’m the region of $1.3m.


Cicely Johnston can be said to be a virtuous woman and one every responsible man would love to have by his side for more than a lifetime.

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