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Meet Otis Paradis Oakley, Missy Peregrym’s 2-year-old son!

Otis Paradis Oakley Background

Otis Paradis Oakley, the first child of Missy Peregrym and Tom Oakley, was born on March 21st, 2020. He is a favorite of the actress’s followers and will be 2 years old in 2022. After her first marriage to Zachari Levi ended in 2015, the couple got married on December 30th, 2018. In October of 2019 she made her first pregnancy announcement, and Otis was born in 2020.

Meet Otis Paradis Oakley, Missy Peregrym's 2-year-old son! 1

With her husband Tom Oakley, the well-known actress Missy Peregrym gave birth to her son Otis Paradise Oakley about two years ago. The Canadian actress, who gained fame for portraying Haley Graham in the 2006 movie Stick It, was formerly a fashion model. Although Missy and her husband have many fascinating facts to share, many people are more intrigued by her adorable son.

The Rev. Darrell Peregrym and his wife Vanessa Peregrym welcomed Melissa Peregrym into the world on June 16, 1982. Missy wasn’t the typical “daughter of a minister” that you would anticipate, despite the fact that she was raised in a traditional home because her father served as a pastor at a pentecostal church.


Otis Paradis Oakley Siblings

Although Missy announced her second pregnancy in February 2002, Otis won’t be an only child for much longer.

Meet Otis Paradis Oakley, Missy Peregrym's 2-year-old son! 2

Missy Peregrym is a now mom again! The superstar actress gave birth to her and husband Tom Oakley’s second child, Mela Joséphine Oakley, on June 6, 2022.

She put up a post on Instagram;


I had the most profound experience – after a hospital birth with Otis, I chose to partner with Jo @nettlewellness and Alice @alnewby to have a water birth at home,” the 40-year-old actress caption her infant’s Instagram debut on Friday, July 8. “It’s usually all about the baby, but this time, I was also cared for in every way, before, during and after the birth. I was scared and supported, excited and cheered on, fully seen and heard. Lots of tears, questions and just as much laughter. I am so grateful I had the room to choose every step of the way, rewarded with the most calm, gentle entrance into the world for Mela. (I wouldn’t describe MY part of the birth gentle 😂).”

Otis Paradis Oakley Education

Otis, who is only two years old, most likely attends kindergarten or continues to be cared for by his mother. Sadly, there are no reliable sources to determine whether any of the possibilities are accurate. But it’s obvious that his parents want him to go to school, especially since Missy received a formal education.

Missy Peregrym went to Aurora College and Fleetwood Park Secondary School. Regarding Tom Oakley, Otis’ father, education, nothing is known. Nevertheless, given that he grew up in a Christian household, you can assume he received a good education.


Missy grew up as a tomboy, in contrast to the majority of minister daughters who are typically feminine and submissive.

Otis Paradis Oakley

Due to his young age, Otis Paradis Oakley has no known net worth. But surely having famous parents counts for something, right? Here is the equipment Otis is using (lol!

Missy began her career at the age of 18 by taking part in advertisements for a variety of brands, including Mercedes-Benz, the Olympic Games, and Sprint Canada. Later, she made the switch to acting and appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, including Dark Angel, Stick It, Reaper, Smallville, Catwoman, etc. Missy Peregrym will be worth $3 million in 2022.

Meet Otis Paradis Oakley, Missy Peregrym's 2-year-old son! 3

Tom Oakley, her husband, is also a successful actor who has starred in a number of films and television programs, including Talk to Someone, Blue Water High, Nine Minutes to Live, Relationship Status, and Blue Water High.

Otis Paradis Oakley is generally growing up in a well-adjusted home with all the resources he needs to be happy and healthy.

Miss Peregrym Instagram

The actress is very active on Instagram. She has over 340,000 followers. She shares pictures and videos of her work as well as that of her family on her page.


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