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Meet Quinton Anderson Reynolds, the man whose father “intentionally” left out of his inheritance! 

Quinton Anderson
Meet Quinton Anderson Reynolds, the man whose father "intentionally" left out of his inheritance!  1
Quinton Anderson Reynolds

You will agree that it’s very rare to see parents not leave their inheritance in the name or names of their children. Well, Quinton Anderson’s father did not leave any inheritance for his son before he died. We shall reveal why later on. 

Celebrity children are among the most well-known persons on the planet. Because of his friendship with Burton Reynolds and Loni Anderson, Quinton Anderson Reynolds became a media darling. He was adopted as a baby by two celebrities who were married at the time. So, how well-versed are you in his background?

Meet Quinton Anderson Reynolds, the man whose father "intentionally" left out of his inheritance!  2
Quinton Anderson Reynolds

Quinton Reynolds, who is he? Quinton Anderson’s biological parents remain unknown. What happened to them? What kind of people do they seem to be? These are a few of the questions that have been raised. The following are some facts regarding Burt Reynolds’ kid.


Quinton Anderson Reynolds biography

Reynolds Burton Reynolds has only one child, Quinton. He was born in the United States on August 31st, 1988, in the state of California. Immediately after his birth, he joined Burton Reynolds and Loni Anderson’s family. 

Quinton Reynolds’ biological father? Anderson’s biological father is not Burt. He was adopted by his parents when he was a baby. Unfortunately, no information about his biological parents is available in the public space

Meet Quinton Anderson Reynolds, the man whose father "intentionally" left out of his inheritance!  3
Quinton Anderson Reynolds and his father Burt Reynolds

Quinton’s adopted mother is Loni Anderson, a well-known actress who has been nominated for many Golden Globe awards. She has been married four times, which is a record. She had a daughter named Deidre Hoffman from her first marriage to Bruce Hasselberg. Loni is still living, but his father, Burt, is no longer alive. On September 6th, 2018, the 82-year-old actor died of a heart attack.


How old is Quinton Anderson Reynolds? 

He’s 33 years old. He celebrates his birthday every 31st of August. 

Quinton Anderson body measurements

Quinton Anderson stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 75 kilograms. His stature is 40-34-35, and he wears a size 9 shoe (US). Quinton Anderson Reynolds is the sole kid of his late famous father and Lori Anderson’s second child. Before he died, his father referred to him as his finest achievement and left him a trust fund. 

Quinton Anderson education

Quinton received his primary and secondary schooling in California at local institutions. Later, he enrolled at California State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in arts.


What is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ profession? 

He works in Hollywood, just like his adoptive parents. He’s worked as a camera operator, a digital imaging technician, an editor, a video editor, and a post-production assistant, among other things. He’s worked on several TV series and films.

He has acted in the following movies: 

  • High school possession 
  • Fatal Acquittal 
  • A Christmas in Vermont 
  • Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys 
  • Starving in Suburbia 
  • Ouija: Origin of Evil 
  • His double Life 
  • Almighty Thor 
  • One Minute Time Machine 
  • Officer Towne

Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds’ son Quinton Reynolds has over 50 movie credits. 


Quinton Reynolds net worth

His net worth is estimated to be one million dollars. Anderson has amassed a fortune as a result of his work in Hollywood. Despite this, he was raised by two wealthy parents.

Quinton’s late father had a net worth of $3 million when he died. His mother’s net worth is currently $12 million. When Burt died, it was reported that he left Quinton out of his will on purpose. 

Instead, he appointed his niece, Nancy Lee Brown, as trustee of his inheritance. Burt hinted in his will that he had made provisions in his trust for Quinton, even though this sounds ominous.


Why Quinton Reynolds didn’t leave Inheritance for his son?

Reynolds disclosed in the will that he was already providing for Quinton with a trust he established years ago

‘I intentionally omit him from this, my last will, as I have provided for him during my lifetime in my Declaration of Trust,’ it reads.

According to court filings, Reynolds established a trust for Quinton many years ago.
Quinton is said to be receiving money from the trust, which was possibly set up to minimize estate taxes.


Because Quinton is a beneficiary of the trust, Hess may have been named executor of the estate to avoid a conflict of interest.

Meet Quinton Anderson Reynolds, the man whose father "intentionally" left out of his inheritance!  4

In 1988, Reynolds and his second wife, Loni Anderson, adopted Quinton.

Reynolds referred to Quinton as his “best achievement” shortly before his death.


“He’s a wonderful young man and is now working as a camera assistant in Hollywood,’ Reynolds told Closer Weekly. 

‘He never asked for any help with his career, he did it all himself, and I’m so proud of him. I love him very much.’

Quinton Anderson Reynolds relationship

Burt Reynolds’ son, Quinton Reynolds has kept this portion of his life hidden from the public eye. He doesn’t talk about or post images of his companions on social media. We don’t know the exact reasons at the moment but we will certainly keep our ears to the ground for any ounce of fact relating to this.


Is Ryan Reynolds and Burt Reynolds related?

Not at all, Ryan Reynolds is not Burt Reynolds’ son. In a new video for Collider, the “Free Guy” star keenly answered numerous Googled questions about himself, including whether he’s related to the iconic ’70s star.

“I have no relation to Burt Reynolds in any way, shape, or form,” Reynolds said. “Unless he’s a distant uncle or great-uncle, I don’t. I do, however, love Burt Reynolds. Always have, always will.”


The actor also answered whether he and Sandra Bullock are still friends, assuring fans, “We are friends! I’m lucky to count Sandra as a very good friend.”

Reynolds and Bullock starred together in the 2009 romantic comedy “The Proposal”.

Asked if Bullock and Keanu Reeves ever dated, Reynolds admitted, “I do not know, actually. I don’t think so? Maybe? I don’t know. Come on, Google! Google should know that.”


Quinton Anderson Reynolds profile summary

  • Name: Quinton Anderson Reynolds 
  • Birthdate: August 31, 1988 
  • Age: 33 years (as of 2021) 
  • Nationality: American 
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo 
  • Occupation: Cameraman, film editor 
  • Net worth: $1 million

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