Mention one moral lesson you have learnt from Big Brother Naija? – Socio-political commentator, Reno Omokri quizzes viewers!


Popular social and political commentator, Reno Omokri has once again criticized the Big Brother Naija (BB Naija 2020) reality show viewers for wasting their time and resources in promoting the show and their favorites housemates instead of channeling those efforts into a productive end.

Reno Omokri tasked the viewers of the show to mention one moral lesson they have learned from the show and how it has affected their lives positively.

He said if they would have become millionaires if they channel the same energy they use in promoting to the show to promote their various businesses.

He also added that people will come to their senses after the show is over and they then face the harsh economic realities the country is going through which has been heightened by the increment in the price of food items, fuel, and electricity.


Reno Omokri said this via his Instagram page which reads;

You use your profile to campaign for your #BBNaija housemate. You even wear their branded T-Shirt and hold watch parties. Wrong focus. If you had put in this same effort towards selling a product, or promoting your business, you could have been a millionaire example of sell to excel by now!

Name one moral lesson you have learnt from Big Brother? Cite one example of how it has affected your personal development. ‪Fuel and electric prices were raised, and the Naira was devalued, while you were distracted by BBNaija. By the time BBN is over, and you are back to reality, you will realise that your sanity has been affected by the vanity you followed with clarity!‬



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