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Mikaela Testa Biography: Age, career, net worth, boyfriend of the Australian model! 

Mikaela Testa is a TikTok, Instagram, and social media personality from Australia. She rose to prominence by sharing provocative and gorgeous shots, as well as travel photos and reel videos, on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Her Instagram account, which she calls mikaelatesta, has over 208k followers. She is also a member of the adult website OnlyFans.

She made headlines when she shared a selfie of herself dressed as Jasmine from the Disney film “Aladdin,” which sparked controversy and helped her gain popularity. However, she claimed in a TikTok video from February 2021 that she spends 1.4 million a year on her lifestyle.

Where is Mikaela Testa from? 

Mikaela was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 16, 2000. In her hometown, she attended a local high school. She then went on to a private college to get her bachelor’s degree. She has 22 years on this planet (as of 2022).


 Mikaela Testa’s Biography, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, Relationship, Affairs, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, Education, College, Phone Number, Real Name, and more will be discussed in this post. 

Mikaela Testa Net Worth

Mikaela is a social media figure, as well as a TikTok and Instagram star. Her admirers want to know how wealthy she is and how much money she makes. Mikaela’s principal sources of income are claimed to be social media platforms, modelling, and brand endorsements, according to online sources. In 2022, she is expected to have a net worth of one million dollars. Her net worth is expected to grow in the coming years as her profession continues to flourish.

Mikaela Testa Biography: Age, career, net worth, boyfriend of the Australian model!  1
Mikaela Testa

Mikaela Testa Family 

When it comes to Mikaela’s family, we don’t know much about her parents or siblings at the moment. Mikaela, like a lot of other celebrities, keeps her personal details private. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an update.


Mikaela Testa Instagram 

Mikaela Testa has over 290,000 followers on Instagram. She began her social media adventure on various platforms, including Instagram. Initially, she used Instagram to provide lifestyle photos, intriguing images, modelling content, and short films. Gradually, this attracted people’s attention and made her popular on the app.

Who is Mikaela Testa Boyfriend? 

Mikaela has been in a relationship with Atis Paul for a long time. Mikaela frequently posts images of herself and her boyfriend on her Instagram account. However, they have split. 

Mikaela and Boyfriend Atis Paul split  

Mikaela Testa, an Australian influencer, revealed that she and her long-term lover Atis Paul are no longer together, despite rumours to the contrary.


Paul was the first to speak about his split from the OnlyFans creator, who became known as the “weeping influencer” after she broke down in tears over Instagram’s removal of likes in 2019.

Mikaela Testa Biography: Age, career, net worth, boyfriend of the Australian model!  2
Mikaela ex-boyfriend Atis Paul

“During an Instagram Q&A on a flight to Europe, the 21-year-old “crypto dude” was bombarded with questions about Testa, including why she wasn’t with him.” 

“I’ve been getting asked so much if Mik and I are still together. We love each other so much and decided to be friends now,” he wrote.”


“Everything is perfect between us. We both agree it’s better this way.”

“Tests, who is currently in Bali – was less forthcoming about the break-up, but did say the supportive messages from fans were making her “so emotional”.

“Arghh! U guys are making me so emotional I wish I could hug every single one of you, everything is gonna be okay,” the 22-year-old wrote.


“I’m trying my best to respond to everyone. The answer is self-love & self-care”. 

Mikaela Testa Height

Mikaela Testa is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 58 kilograms. Her hair is a dark brown tone, and her eyes are a brown colour. Pisces is her zodiac sign.

How old is Mikaela Testa 

Mikaela Testa will be 22 years old in 2022. Every year on March 16, she celebrates her birthday with her family and friends.


Did Mikaela Testa do surgery? 

Yes, the Instagram model did some surgeries on her body. It comes after Mikaela revealed her numerous cosmetic procedures

She sent a link to a video of Dr Mitchell Kim, a Gold Coast surgeon, outlining the treatments he had performed on her.

Dr Kim explained, ‘Mikaela shows off her body contouring excellence.’


‘This jaw-dropping silhouette was created via Vaser lipo to her midsection and arms, as well as a fat transfer to her hip dips,’ he stated.

Ultrasound technology is used in Vaser liposuction to break up fat cells and free them from deeper tissues.

It is thought to be more targeted than other types of liposuction.



  • Mikaela Testa is an Australian citizen.
  • She is a well-known TikTok, Instagram, and social media celebrity.
  • Mikaela has more than 208k Instagram followers.
  • Since she was a child, she has had a passion for fashion and modelling.
  • She has a compelling and breathtaking appearance, as well as a magnetic attitude.
  • Mikaela is an animal enthusiast with a cat and a dog as pets.
  • Reading books, listening to music, gardening, and dancing are some of her favourite hobbies.
  • Mikaela Testa, do you smoke? No.
  • Does she drink alcohol? Yes
  • Is she able to swim? Yes.
  • Does Mikaela Testa have a driver’s license? No.
  • Does she know how to cook? No.
  • Is she a jogging enthusiast? Yes.
  • Do you know who Mikaela Testa is, GYM? Yes.
  • Is she a Yoga enthusiast? No. 

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