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Mini-mart worker apologises over racial slur (Video)

Mini-mart worker apologises over racial slur (Video) 2


RECENTLY, a video showing a young mini market worker apologising to his customer went viral on social media. The incident was said to happen recently in Menglembu, Perak.

In the video, the netizen claimed that the worker used the P-word against his mother, who is said to be sick, when she asked him to help look for some products in the outlet.


The netizen then demanded the worker apologise to his mother for using that insensitive word.

The young man continued apologising even as the netizen’s mother, an elderly woman, came up and scolded him.

Social media users said the anger is understandable as the P-word is insulting and deeply distressing.


You can watch the video here.



Source – Sun Uk

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