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M’sian mum builds mini ‘water park’ in her bathroom

M’sian mum builds mini ‘water park’ in her bathroom 2


EVERY parent knows how much children love playing with their toys and splashing about in a pool or under a shower. And how enthusiastic they can get if they can do both things at the same time.

One Malaysian mother got creative and turned her bathroom into a magical mini water park, all to entertain her beloved child.


TikTok user Shaziera (@zierahaziera), a mother of two, posted a video on the platform showing her efforts, which has been viewed over 2.3 million times.

Inside her bathroom, she attached several colourful toys to the wall using suction cups, with the flowing water falling down into a baby pool, where a cute purple penguin toy is seen swimming.

The deceptively simple set-up looks like something that would not only be extremely fun for a child to play with, but also something that every parent would want to try to re-create for their own child. The video received many positive comments, with some asking if there were a grown-up version of these water toys, and several saying that it made them also want to play in the ‘water park’ along with their children.


We bet bath time will never be the same again for Shaziera or her children.



Source – Sun Uk

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