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M’sian’s deep dish pizza disappointment goes viral

M’sian’s deep dish pizza disappointment goes viral 2

WE love fast food, and at some point in our lives, we’ve learned that the products served in fast food restaurants will rarely look like how they’re advertised.

Malaysians mostly accept this as normal. But how would you react if what you received is criminally different from what was advertised?


On the Reddit social media platform, a Malaysian user’s post is going viral for being both shocking and hilarious.

The user, going by the handle Jeloz, titled their post “Expectation vs Reality: Deep Dish Pizza”.

In the attached image, Jeloz shows what the pizza is advertised as, and the abomination that he allegedly received from the restaurant that is located in Subang Jaya.


“When I first saw it, I almost burst out laughing in the cashier’s face,” Jeloz wrote in reply to a question asking about their reaction.

Jeloz also says this was after waiting over an hour.

A deep dish pizza or a Chicago-style pizza is meant to be thoroughly baked, with the high edges seared completely due to the type of pan used. Being “deep”, the dish is also supposed to have a lot of cheese and tomato sauce.


Checking the outlet on Google Maps revealed well over a thousand reviews, many which are negative and submitted as far back as a year.


Source – Sun Uk

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