N500,000 fine for churches that hold crossover service in Lagos State beyond 11 pm

N500,000 fine for churches that hold crossover service in Lagos State beyond 11 pm

Ahead of crossover services on Thursday, December 31, 2020 the Lagos State Government has warned residents against flouting the guidelines in place.

The guidelines reveal a 12 am to 4 am curfew for residents.

It has now been made known that churches in violation would be fined up to N500,000 when caught.

This was made known by Mr Gbenga Omotoso Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, in an interview with Punch.

Omotoso said, “If you flout any of these rules, you can be fined. You will be taken to court and the magistrate will decide on the sanction. The fine can be between N20,000 and N500,000. It depends on the magistrate’s discretion.

“But it is not just about punishing people. People are being advised to take responsibility. The regulations were rolled out as an advisory and people have been obeying while people who have disobeyed have faced the consequences.”

“With what we have been seeing, I don’t think churches will flout the protocols. CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) is in agreement with the government. COVID cases are going up and everybody is worried. Some of the giant churches have also announced that they won’t be holding physical crossover services.

“The Lagos State Government has also told them that there is a curfew by midnight to 4 am imposed by the Federal Government. Many of the churches have been adjusting their programmes. Churches are well-organised and we believe they will comply.”


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