YOUR Number One online sports community NaijaSuperFans has changed its address on the worldwide web. Now, you can join us and be part of the regular conversation at WWW.NAIJASUPERFANS.COM.
At our official launch in June this year, we were domiciled at That URL was a dual platform separating our forum from other contents on the website. But the new URL has combined both the forum and other features on the same platform, thereby giving members a better user experience.
If you are an existing member, please visit to RESET YOUR PASSWORD on the home page. If you are a new member, simply click on REGISTER to join Nigeria’s Number One sports community.

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  1. Well, I want to say that this new web address is not as user friendly as the former web address where all forum members could converge and interact seamlessly, it’s not the same with this one. Another is, you can’t edit more than once, and why is it that when I post a topic of discussion with pictures, it doesn’t appear with on the featured page. Also, another observation is that whenever I shared a topic to other platform like Twitter for instance, instead of the picture attached to that topic to display, my profile picture will then appear instead or the the logo of the forum. So, please, more work need to be done in these regards. Thanks!

    1. Hi Taiwo Francis. Thank you for this feedback. be rest assured that our team will get this message and this issues will be resolved in no time.

      1. Ok, it’s better now, there is room for more improvement, kudos to the team. Cheers!