#NigeriaAt60: You were Overseers of Destruction of our Country – President Buhari blasts previous governments in his Independence Day speech!

President Muhammadu Buhari in his Independence Day speech went ballistic on the previous leaders of the country as he accused them of overseeing the destruction of the country before he came on board in 2015.

He said his administration has achieved giant strides in various capacities despite scarce resources.

President Buhari said despite the achievements of his government, previous leaders of the country still attempt to criticize his administration.

He said;

No government in the past did what we are doing with such scarce resources. We have managed to keep things going inspite of the disproportionate spending on security.

Those in the previous Governments from 1999 – 2015 who presided over the near destruction of the country have now the impudence to attempt to criticize our efforts.

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