Nigerian man cries after he was mercilessly tortured by drug lord (video)

Nigerian man cries after mercilessly tortured by drug lord (video)

A Nigerian man named is seen crying in a viral video after being mercilessly tortured.

In the video, it can be deduced that the brother of the man crying is named Andrew’s brother defrauded a member of the gang torturing him.

The gang torturing the Nigerian man is a Pakistan gang and kidnapped him as a ransom to get their money back from his brother.

The deadline for his brother to return the money he swindled from them was the 10th of July, 2020.

The Nigerian man was beaten mercilessly by two men as he stated that he already told his brother to do everything to come get him.

One of the men beating the Nigerian man said, “Next time I’m gonna shoot” while holding a gun to the Nigerian man’s head.”

The Nigerian man while been flogged and crying said, “Andrew, look at what you put me through. Look at what you put your brother through. And you say I am your brother.”

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