I will reveal the names of fake Nigerian Pastors!…Popular Afrobeat Crooner Threatens!

I will reveal the names of fake Nigerian Pastors!...Popular Afrobeat Crooner Threatens! 2

Popular but controversial Afrobeat singer; Charles Oputa popular known as “Charlie Boy” said that majority of the country’s Clergymen are fake as they do take advantage of their members.

In a recent interview with entertainment channel; Goldmayne where he speaking on his latest song; “God of Men” with FALZ, Charlie boy claimed to have witnessed how some Nigerian Pastors do take advantage of their members gullibility to enrich their pockets.

In his words;

“Yeah, I will soon start calling their names. I’ve called a few names because religion is part of our problem. They have turned the mind of young people to something else,” he exclaimed.

“They make the youth believe they can get something out of nothing. No miracle happens these days again. The only miracle that happens is the one you create for yourself.

“That is why I hate these fake pastors. That is not to say that all of them are fake. But if you had a hundred pastors in Nigeria, 95/96 of them are all fake.

“They’re after their pockets and capitalize on people’s poverty, poverty, insecurities, paranoia. I’ve been to a lot of churches and it’s so sad to notice that the congregation almost takes their pastors as their God…

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