Nigerians and New Zealanders unite as they continue #EndSARS protest in Auckland! Video👇

On the back of the infiltration of sponsored thugs into the #EndSARS protest, the Lekki Tollgate Massacre, among other events that shaped up the week, protest grounds in Lagos and Abuja especially have become empty.

However, Nigerians in Diaspora are still very much active in the offline #EndSARS protest in various locations.

New Zealanders and Nigerians in Auckland came together to amplify their voices to #EndSARS and police brutality in Nigeria.

The #EndSARS protesters are no longer on the streets in major cities across the country but the protest is still ongoing online as they continue to demand justice for the those that died during the protest and an end to police brutality.

Pictures of Nigerians and New Zealanders in Auckland 👇



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