Nigeria’s security shtuation will improve significantly if … – Gov Yahaya Bello reveals!

Kogi State Governor, Mr Yahaya Bello has revealed what needs to be done to improve the deteriorating security situation in the country.

While speaking to Channels Tv recently, Yahaya Bello said that politicians in the country are part of the reasons why the country is facing so many security challenges in almost every region.

According to him, the use of miscreants by the elites have contributed largely to the current state of insecurity in the country.

He accused Politicians of always using thugs, touts, petty criminals among others to get what they want thereby wreaking havoc in the society.

Yahaya Bello mentioned that until politicians stop using thugs and other criminals especially during elections or peaceful protest, them the security situation in the country will continue to get worse.

In his words;

When politicians stop the use of thugs, touts, or some group of criminals, that is when we will begin to have safety and security,


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