OGITECH Student commits suicide after girlfriend got married to another man in Dubai!

A National Diploma student from Ogun State Institute of Technology (OGITECH) identified as Nonso has reportedly committed suicide after his girlfriend dumped him for another man and exchanged marital views with him afterwards.

According to a close friend, Nonso recently sent his girlfriend, Miracle on vacation to Dubai “but Miracle went ahead and got married to another man.”

Another close friend all revealed that the deceased refused to travel home for the Christmas break last week as he stayed back in his room.

In his words;

While he was in school, he posted ‘Miracle Way’ on his WhatsApp status. We called his number for days but it was switched off. Some of us were not worried about that because we thought maybe he wanted to be left alone by himself. It was when some friends contacted his mom who told them that she had not seen or heard from her son for days that we became worried.

Some friends went back to his hostel and broke the door to see what was happening but to their surprise, he was found lying lifeless on the floor and had started decomposing. He was sad to see Nanso kill himself because his girlfriend dumped him for another man. 

Source: The Guardian News

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