Out of UCL three years in a row, what has Ronaldo added to Juventus?


*Out of UCL three years in a row, what has Ronaldo added to Juventus?*

Having reached the final of the UEFA Champions League in 2015 and 2017 without success, Juventus said to themselves; “It seems our straw is not strong enough to break Carmel’s back, then let us get someone who has a stronger one.”

Juventus’ hierarchy of Fabio Paratici and Andrea Agnelli didn’t have to break a sweat before agreeing on bringing Cristiano Ronaldo who is popularly referred to as “Mr Champions League” to the Allianz Arena.



With Ronaldo’s impact in Real Madrid’s La Decima, La Undécimo, La Duodécimo, and the La Decimotercero, Juventus were convinced that the leading all-time top scorer of the competition will deliver the “Holy Grail” to the Allianz Arena.



Questions as regards his age were raised with regards to the task ahead but getting a 5-time Ballon D’or winner and 5-time Champions League winner for 100 million pounds was such a huge bargain that it eroded all those questions.

However, after three attempts of not progressing beyond the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League, those questions that appeared to have gone with the wind are back and new ones have been added.

What has Ronaldo brought Juventus? Can Ronaldo win the UEFA Champions League with Juventus? Can he still win? What does Juventus need to do win the Champions League? Is Pirlo the right man for the task?


Juventus suffered yet another misery in the competition as they crashed out the second round of the competition for the second successive season. Last season, it was Lyon, this time, FC Porto showed some level of high resilience to knock out the 1995 Champions.

Even though Ronaldo scored on the night, the bulk of the blame still rests on his shoulders given that he’s the one the team look up to in situations just like yesterdays. Turning his back against the free-kick which led to the goal late in extra time added more “salt to injury” for him.


After three failed attempts, What then has Ronaldo added to the Juventus team in their quest to win the that has eluded them for more than two decades?

Before Federico scored in the 2-1 loss at Porto, Cristiano Ronaldo has been responsible for Juventus goals, (6) in the knockout stages of the competition.


Ronaldo, in the 1 nil loss at Lyon during the first leg of the 2019/2020 round of sixteen, was quoted in the tunnel as saying “the midfielders don’t support us, we are just on our own”

Perhaps, in response to that, Weston Mckenzie, Dejan Kulisevski and Federico Chiesa arrived at the club to offer creative support to the Portuguese star but as it stands Ronaldo will have to wait another year to launch another assault on the UEFA Champions League.

By this time next year, Ronaldo will be 37 and Juventus’ fans will hope that he will bring the “Holy Grail” to the club on his fourth attempt.


Ronaldo will probably console himself with the lyrics of the “See You Again” track as he looks forward to seeing and holding the Champions League trophy for the first time in a while.



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