PDP describes President Buhari’s speech as disappointing

PDP describes President Buhari's speech as disappointing 2

PDP describes President Buhari’s speech as disappointing

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described the nationwide broadcast speech by President Muhammadu Buhari to Nigerians on the protests as disappointing.

After several days of unrest and protests in the country, Presidxent Buhari finally decided to address the nation in the evening of Thursday, October 22.

The PDP who are the opposing party to President Buhari’s All Progressive Congressi (APC) led administration seem not to be encourage by his speech.

This was made known by Kola Ologbodiyan spokesperson for the PDP who released a statement to address President Buhari’s flaws in the speech he made.

He said, ‘Our party and, indeed, all lovers of peace in our country, were shocked that Mr. President glossed over the immediate trigger of violent protests – the widely condemned killing at the Lekki Toll Gate by security operatives, a situation which created a global concern and drew the attention of the world to the abuse of human rights going on in our country under his watch.

Painfully too, Mr. President, as the Commander-in-Chief, was silent on the demand by Nigerians for enquires into the involvement of the military in the gruesome killing.

Sadly, the long awaited address failed to inspire any hope. It failed to address the trepidations, the pervading hopelessness, the drifting towards anarchy and provided no concrete steps on how to arrest the situation and rein in bandits, hoodlums and vandals that were let loose to unleash violence on peaceful protesters and innocent Nigerians.


In short, from the letters of the address, there were no correlations between the fundamentals of the crisis situation that we have witnessed and the long-sought reaction of Mr President.

Furthermore, Nigerians had expected that Mr. President will provide the lead for the much- needed overhauling of our security architecture to meet the demands of professionalism and respect for rules of engagement.

Mr. President also failed to use the opportunity to further heal wounds and inspire hope by outlining a roadmap to open up the economy in a manner that will enable our teeming hard working youths to pursue their productive goals as well as address the issue of pervading hunger in the land.”

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