People should take second booster shot if offered as Omicron continues to spread

People should take second booster shot if offered as Omicron continues to spread 2


SCIENTISTS have urged people to take a second booster shot of Covid-19 vaccine as the most infectious strain of Omicron drives a fresh surge of cases across the globe, South Morning China Post reports.

The report stated that more countries have widened eligibility for a second booster dose as the BA. 5 variant continues to spread.

Earlier this week the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control expanded eligibility to the over-60s and vulnerable people of any age, citing the rise in the numbers needing treatment in hospital and intensive care.

However, the European Union is withholding the second dose for the general population, citing a lack of strong evidence for its benefits.

The level of protection offered against more serious disease also wanes with time and reduces from above 90% to less than 75% among individuals whose last shot was delivered six months ago, according to professor Penelope Ward, a fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.

James Trauer, head of Monash University’s epidemiological modelling unit reportedly said vaccine development was not really keeping up with the rate of mutation of the virus.

He said that by the time a vaccine that targets the BA. 1 variant of Omicron and the original strain of coronavirus becomes available, people might need to deal with the sublineage BA. 2.75, which was identified in India and has the potential to spread rapidly, or an unknown strain.


Source – Sun Uk

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