Photonews: Imo State Government distributes live Rabbit to empower youths of the state!

The Imo State Government, in a bid to fulfil some of its promises to the youths of the state distributed live rabbits to them in a well-decorated event.

Some of the top officials of the state government attended the distribution ceremony as they handed the Rabbits to the beneficiaries.

Rabbit cages were also made for the beneficiaries as the government looks to make sure the youths of the state are engaged in a profitable business venture.

A Facebook user, Ikechukwu Nworgu shared the pictures of his timeline with the caption;

“Is this a joke or what!! What kind of empowerment is this? Rabbits are used to empower people only in Imo State under this present inept administration. What Nonsense!!!”

Imo State


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