Popular Nigerian comedian Woli Arole gets married (photos/video)

Popular Nigerian comedian Woli Arole gets married (photos/video)

There is news about popular Nigerian comedian Toyin Bayegun also known as Woli Arole.

Woli Arole got married and took to social media to post pictures of the occasion.

Along with the picture was a statement that said, “Yemi welcome to my Kingdom
In this Kingdom we reign with BLISS.
In my Palace, GREATNESS is my SCEPTRE.
A Kingdom without a QUEEN is not COMPLETE
So you’re here to COMPLETE my GREATNESS.

t’s official a BOY has become a MAN.
I have joined the LEAGUE of GENTLEMEN.
I left the WhatsApp group of BACHELORS.
I have joined the ZOOM LINK of married MEN.
Let me reintroduce myself as Mr Toyin Bayegun.
Let me introduce my wife Mrs Yemi Bayegun.
Mr and Mrs Bayegun Ologo.
Aanu mo ri gba.
Ade Ori Okin.




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