“Poverty will not allow Coronavirus survive in Africa. Who no fear hunger?” – Hilarious responses from Nigerians on pandemic [Video]

While the Coronavirus is ravaging America, Asia and Europe, the impact has been mildly felt in Africa with minimal casualties.

Everyone, layman and medical professionals alike, have been astounded by the fact that the virus has not spread on the continent like it is doing everywhere else where it has practically shut down economies and social lives.

NaijaSuperFans went on to the streets to get the views of Nigerians on why this is so.

The responses are not only hilarious, they also reveal how little most Nigerians know about Coronavirus.

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  1. All the sophisticated weapons of world superpowers are woefully useless to combat covid-19. In Nigeria, we will resort to ‘prayers’ to drive it away even though, there are plans to shut down churches and mosques now. Ironic! On a personal note however, I see coronavirus as a warning from God because the end is nearer than we think.

  2. This one pass hunger o… You can’t even eat when you are down with sickness. Health is wealth…