President Buhari to declare Old People’s day soon! – Minister of Humanitarian Affairs



President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime says it will soon declare a special day for old people in Nigeria.

Specifically, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Farouq, assured that the regime would soon declare a special national day for senior citizens.

“I want to commend Omokaro for the pace at which she is settling down to work, hoping that, with the assemblage of the management team at her disposal, I am confident that the overall objectives of the NSCC will be realized soon,” said Ms. Farouq while hosting the National Senior Citizens Centre led by its director-general Emem Omokaro. “I also want to assure the NSCC of my resolve to follow on with the request made by Omokaro through the relevant ministries, departments, and agencies.”


Ms. Omokaro appealed for the declaration of a national day of older persons in Nigeria within August and early September 2021 to herald the first-ever National Senior Citizens Day celebration in October 2021.

“We are also requesting assistance from the NSCC to secure the National registration of senior citizens of Nigeria who are 70 years and above,” Ms. Omokaro stated. “The purpose is for their effective identification for public respect, age-friendly services and concessions in banking services and facilities, road, air and rail transportation services as well as health and hospital services.”

The Federal Executive Council approved the center in January 2018, while its board was constituted in June 2021. The center is to cater to the social welfare of old people aged 70 and above in areas like healthcare, pensions, income security, leisure, supplementary income, and other social protection safety nets.



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