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Primal Flow: Is Primal Flow Yoga? Read the ultimate guide for fitness enthusiasts and the 7 movements

Primal Flow

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Primal Flow?” A dietary supplement? A therapy for diabetes? A blood tonic supplement? Well, the point is Primal Flow is not any of the aforementioned. 

So, is Primal Flow just another fitness trend that will pass before your body has had a chance to adapt to the training? No! The name may change, and its popularity may fluctuate, but at the end of the day, Primal Flow is nothing more than sound training.

Resistance training’s ultimate goal is to improve movement quality by increasing strength and stability. Individual goals may include moving a heavier weight, moving an object faster, or increasing stability to prevent injuries. All of these objectives can be met by utilizing the Primal Flow training structure.


What is Primal Flow?

Primal Flow

Primal Flow is a moving meditation that will boost your confidence, connection, and strength both on and off the mat.

Primal Flow combines intentional sequencing with creativity while maintaining structural integrity. This format employs anatomical principles to bring dynamic, primal, and intuitive movement to life! 

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What are the Primal Flow Movements? 

Primal flow divides all movements into seven movement patterns. These movement patterns are not only the foundation of all human movement, but they are also the movements that we learn instinctively as infants. I’m sure a two-year-old could get into a lower squat position and hold it for longer than most of us. So, what are these seven crucial movements? When you read the list, you will most likely be disappointed. 

What are the Primal Flow Movements 

There are seven Primal Flow movements; 

• Squat


• Lunge

• Push

• Pull


• Bend

• Core

• Gait


You might be thinking that that is simple enough and that you are probably already doing the majority of those things, so what’s the big deal? And to me, that’s the big deal….that there isn’t one. Instead of dividing your training into chest and back days, choose an exercise from each of the seven-movement categories.

By doing it this way, you will not only ensure that you get a full-body workout in one session, but you will also strengthen your body in such a way that your everyday movement will improve. To lift a box to a shelf, use a squat and a push motion. If you need to perform a single leg movement, such as walking upstairs, the lunge movement patterns will help you with single-leg strength and stability.

Most importantly, if you want to improve your golf, you will need most of these 7 motions to drive the ball further and more accurately, as well as the gait to have the aerobic fitness to walk around the entire 18 holes.


As you can see, these seven movement patterns will all work together to provide you with the functional strength you require without being distracted by other exercises that have little impact on your movement.

We should also mention the flow component of Primal Flow. The term “flow” refers to the smooth transition from one exercise to the next. The transition from one exercise to the next should be as seamless as possible, with as little rest as possible. This requires you to concentrate on both the exercise and your breathing.

The benefits include –


• increased muscle endurance and cardiovascular demand as a result of less rest

• increased joint flexibility as you progress from one exercise to the next

• becoming more in tune with your inner self as you focus on all aspects of movement, from muscles to breathing control.


As an example, you could progress from a push-up to a deadlift. After you’ve completed your push-ups, keep your hands on the floor and walk your feet as close to your hands as possible. From there, you can straighten your back to achieve a neutral spine and begin performing a deadlift.

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What does Primal Flow offer? 

Students will learn how to: 

  • Become more confident teachers –
  • Learn to blend intuitive and structured sequencing into their classes 
  • Design the perfectly balanced class for awakening both Shakti (feminine) and Shiva (masculine) energy 
  • Learn to sequence movement with breath (Salutations) 
  • Build anatomically intentional sequences
  • Explore functional anatomy in greater depth 
  • Infuse traditional asanas with primal movements 
  • Master the Art of Adjustments and Assists

Applying Primal Flow to your Training 

So, how do you incorporate Primal Flow into your training? Once again, it is very simple and does not necessitate a great deal of fitness knowledge.


Choose one exercise to correspond to each of the seven movement patterns listed below.



Begin with the most difficult exercises and work your way down to the simplest. By the most complicated, I mean the exercises that are the most difficult and require the most joints and muscles. Squats and lunges are examples of this.

Because of the complexity and number of muscles used in these exercises, you will experience more fatigue. If you had to do these exercises at the end, when you are already tired, you will most likely not get the most out of them and will lose your exercise form. The core and gait movements are typically the least complicated exercises.



On the first day, don’t try to be a hero. Your body is an amazing machine that will adapt to the loads you place on it…but only if you give it time. Begin with light weights and one to two sets, gradually increasing the weights and adding more sets as you gain strength.



This is the easiest part to overlook and, for some, the least exciting. But keep in mind its place in the program. The objective is to improve movement. If you are not training to be a marathon runner, don’t feel obligated to spend the entire session pounding the treadmill.

Include some light jogging or walking at the end of the session. This not only serves as a warm-down, but it also completes the Primal Flow by assisting in the development of your cardiovascular system.


Benefits – Enhances movements that require bending and straightening of the legs.


Box squat, goblet squat, and barbell back squat are a few examples.


Advantages – Single-leg strength and stability.

Walking lunges, step-ups, and Bulgarian split squats are some examples.

  • PUSH

Advantages – Improves horizontal or vertical pushing motions.

Push-ups, bench presses, and tricep dips are a few examples.

  • PULL

Advantages – Enhances horizontal or vertical pulling motions.


Seated row, bent over row, and pull-pull-downs are a few examples.

  • BEND

Advantages – Hip hinge motion that strengthens the posterior chain. Deadlift, single single-legnian deadlift, good mornings, kettlebell swings are a few examples.

  • CORE

Benefits – A stronger core to connect all movements.


Plank, side plank, and ab rollout are a few examples.

  • GAIT

Advantages: Improved cardiovascular function.

Running, walking are two examples.


Whether it’s the latest fitness craze or not, Primal Flow will always have a place in the fitness world. It provides a simple structure for ensuring that any movement you need to perform will be performed with increased strength. Although Primal Flow has its origins in yoga, it does not have to be limited to that discipline, and your training can benefit from this straightforward approach.

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Primal Flow Reviews 

The reawakening of our primal nature through the release of blocked energy and the union of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within each of us! Primal flow combines traditional Vinyasa with Buti® Yoga techniques and philosophy to create the ideal balance of movement and stillness for the Mind, Body, and Soul!


Primal Flow employs a formula for creative sequencing while maintaining structural integrity. This format employs anatomical principles to create dynamic, primal, and intuitive movement!

Primal Flow Customer Reviews 

A good number of customers have been sharing their experience with Primal Flow. See some testimonies below; 

  • What an empowering training!! Primal flow was exactly what I was looking for to spice up my teaching & this training delivered! The combination between structure and flow, sacred masculine and divine feminine, is a balance we return to again and again. On the mat & in life. The format of primal flow was straight forward and clear to understand, making the creative flow SO MUCH FUN TO CREATE. If you’re looking to expand your tool kit, experience connection & community and tap into your own medicine of movement – this is the training. AHO! ……Tosha 
  • From the structure of the format to the asana, this weekend took me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. It gave me a new set of tools and a different perspective for my personal practice and my practice as a yoga instructor. But even more importantly, it was further proof that the Buti community is something special. It was an honor and a privilege to spend the weekend with Crystal and a group of talented, beautiful souls. Highly recommend!…. Amberly 
  • One of the most challenging yet rewarding certifications I have taken so far! Anton is amazing in the way he teaches and explains all the pieces of the practice. I am walking away feeling more confident in my ability to teach and I couldn’t be more excited to share this practice. It takes everything you know to the next level. Highly recommend this training!!…. Marybeth 

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