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Red faces in J-Hope fan club over misspelling

Red faces in J-Hope fan club over misspelling 2


WHILE putting massive billboards is a brilliant technique for fans to express their love for their favourite K-Pop singer or group on a global scale, any misstep can have a negative impact.

Many fans were stunned over a recent billboard in China promoting BTS member J- Hope’s solo album. J- Hope’s face was on a billboard with the term “rapper” printed on it. Unfortunately, it was missing a “p,“ rendering the word “raper.”


J-Hope’s Chinese fan club had paid for the billboard to honour J-new Hope’s solo album, Jack In The Box. They were not, however, prepared for the embarrassing gaffe that lasted many days.

While some said it was an honest error, others believed it was done on purpose by anti-BTS supporters. The fan group subsequently posted an apology on social media for the blunder, followed by another post to clarify the issue. They also released a video with an upgraded billboard.

The apology read: “We sincerely apologise to everyone for the content mistakes in the support video. It’s our cursoriness that led to the mistakes and we also proactively try to deal with the it. We apologise again for betraying everyone’s trust, and thanks for your criticism.”


They also released a video with an updated billboard.

Watch the new video here.



Source – Sun Uk


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