Resign if you are clueless on handling Nigeria’s security challenges! – Falana tells Buhari, Govs

Mrs Funmi Falana, wife of popular human rights lawyer, Femi Falana has called on the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration as well as the 36 state Governors to resign if they are bereft of knowledge as regards dealing with the country’s security challenges.

The human right lawyer added that the government has failed to protect the lives of the people and things have gotten worse such that the citizens are afraid to go out. She said no one ever thought that Nigeria’s security situation will deteriorate to this extent under President Buhari administration.

She made these declarations while speaking at her annual New Year celebration  with motherless children at Iyin Ekiti, Ekiti State.

In her words;

There is the need to do something about the security of the citizens. A government that is unable to guarantee the security of the citizens is a failed government, so if they cannot protect the Nigerian people, the governments have failed.

We are using this opportunity to remind them that it is the constitutional responsibility of the government under Chapter Two of the constitution to provide security for the people. It is as if they are helpless, if they are helpless, let them resign and let us know that we don’t have government. 

On the flipside she added that the celebration with the motherless children is her way of giving back to the society because they are important members of the society and they deserved to be loved as well.

She called on  States who are yet to domesticate the Child’s Right Law to do so.

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