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Rihanna discusses fashion, motherhood as due date beckons

Rihanna discusses fashion, motherhood as due date beckons 2
Rihanna discusses fashion, motherhood as due date beckons 3
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

Rihanna isn’t great at keeping track of time, and the pregnancy she’s been announcing to the public is no exception.

‚ÄúPlanning? “I wouldn’t say planning,” she told Vogue of her impending motherhood. “However, I’m not planning on it.” I have no idea when I ovulate or anything like that (expletive). We simply had a good time. Then it just showed up on the test.”

Since she and boyfriend A$AP Rocky announced their pregnancy in late January via a wintry New York street picture session, the music diva and fashion and beauty mogul hasn’t exactly been hiding under a maternity tent. She’s been making the rounds at fashion weeks in Milan and Paris since then, sporting a variety of belly-baring couture.


Rihanna stated that if it isn’t something she would have worn before her pregnancy, it isn’t on her list now.

“Right now, my body is doing wonderful things, and I’m not ashamed of it,” she remarked. “This should be a joyous occasion. Why should you keep your pregnancy a secret?”

Rihanna, 34, is dressed in a lacy red Alaa bodysuit and long gloves for the cover interview, which will be released on Tuesday. It’s just one of many rule-breaking designer ensembles she’s been sporting in honor of her pregnancy.


So, how does she feel about the following stage, when she delivers birth and scheduling may become a factor?

Rihanna wants that everyone of her loved ones could be present, but COVID-19 rules make that improbable. She didn’t say where she’ll be going for labor and delivery, or when she’ll give birth.

“Perhaps I’ll just have a party bus parked outside,” she speculated. And what is it that scares her the most? “Postpartum depression is a condition that occurs after a woman gives birth to Will I feel emotionally out of control? Those are the horror stories I’ve heard from other women.”


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