Road rage drives two local men into fist fight outside school

Road rage drives two local men into fist fight outside school 2

TWO MEN were caught on video locked in a brawl after refusing to give way to one another at an intersection while picking up their children from school.

Malaysia Trend recently reported that the incident took place at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Gombak 2, Batu Caves.

The video clip started when the man driving a red pickup truck shouted at the white sedan driver to go away and later called him ‘stupid’, which triggered the white sedan driver who got out of his car and punched the other driver.

The red pickup truck driver then retaliated by stretching his hand from his car window and also exited his car to return a few punches to the white sedan driver. During the scuffle, a passerby tried to stop them but to no avail.

The duo were eventually separated when more people joined in to curb the altercation.

Gombak acting district police chief Superintendent Noor Ariffin Mohamad Nasir, stated that the police had received a report from one of the men regarding the feud.

Noor Ariffin said in a statement that the 2.30pm incident occurred due to a verbal argument between the complainant and another driver due to traffic issues. The duo came to blows because the suspect’s vehicle blocked the complainant’s vehicle.

He also called on the public who witnessed the incident and assisted in breaking up the fight to come forward with any information regarding the brawl to assist with the investigation

The case is currently investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code, which is the offence of intentionally causing injury.

Source – Sun Uk

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