Ronaldo De Lima’s famous hattrick against Manchester United happened on this day in 2003! See video


Manchester United had to go past Real Madrid in the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League in 2003 but Brazilian striker Ronaldo De Lima had on other ideas on that famous night at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils had earlier lost to Real Madrid 3-1 in the first leg with goals from Gigi, Raul for the Los Blancos and Van Ruud Nisterooy for Manchester United.

Ronaldo De Lima however, made the second leg difficult with a hattrick. Although Manchester United won the match 4-3 in what turned out to be a seven goals thriller but Ronaldo De Lima’s hattrick gave the Los Blancos an edge as they qualified for the semis with a 6-5 aggregate score.


Relive the moments again!

Video source : UEFA Champions League (Twitter)


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