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Scientist’s heat wave warning dismissed just like “Don’t Look Up” movie

Scientist’s heat wave warning dismissed just like “Don’t Look Up” movie 2


SOME parts of Europe are experiencing a record heat wave, but even then, some people dismiss the event as ‘a bit of warm weather’.

A TV News anchor made light of a meteorologist’s warning of excess deaths due to the unprecedented heat wave sweeping the country.


The video of the exchange went viral after a Twitter user pointed out how the news host’s responses during the segment were strikingly similar to a fictional interview on director Adam McKay’s 2021 film, Don’t Look Up.

Don’t Look Up stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, who realise that a comet will destroy Earth, bringing their findings to the government, media, and the public. Unfortunately, they were dismissed and made fun of by everybody. At the end of the movie, everybody dies.

Meanwhile, in the actual news report, meteorologist John Hammond warned viewers that the ‘nice weather’ would be turning into ‘lethal weather’ and said hundreds or thousands could have died from this.


On the other hand, GB News anchor Bev Turner responded by saying that it is a nice weather and she wanted people ‘to be happy about the weather’.



Source – Sun Uk

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