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Sean Edward Hartman: All you need to know about son of the late Phil Hartman

Sean Edward Hartman: All you need to know about son of the late Phil Hartman 2

Sean Edward Hartman: All you need to know about son of the late Phil Hartman

There is a need to know more about Sean Edward Hartman. In this article, all there is to know about Sean Edward Hartman the son of the late Phil Hartman will be explained.

The son of the renowned celebrity late Phil Hartman, Sean Edward Hartman was born June 17, 1988. His grandparents ‘ Doris Hartmann and Rupert Hartmann, proceed to white ethnicity, holds American-Canadian nationality, and was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.


At age nine, his parents died in murder/suicide as His father was a favorite and famous celebrity and belonged to English, German, and Irish descent as Some sources maintained that his mother killed his father along with her; she killed herself.

To live with his maternal uncle and aunt, Sean and her sister proceeded Midwest into Eay Claire, Wisconsin In the same way. with her killing herself some resources maintained his mother murdered his father together.

He studied high school in Edina High faculty Talking about his schooling. he was employed in the group name metamorphic Mexico at an early age Before, getting a visual artist.



In various film jingles such as Kikis delivery and many more, His father was depicted as Sean is a son of popular late famous actor Phil Hartman and celebrity Brynn Hartman.

His mom had been an actress and design and created an appearance in various movie series and movies as His voice was also famous among the American animation scooby –Dodo and Scrappy-Doo.


He started taking a step into the entertainment area and started his career as a celebrity as Edward had been involved in music from a young age. whereas sean designs graphics arts and depict himself as a graphic designer, he hasn’t revealed much info regarding his acting career Moreover. he’s also a writer and also a voice artist On the other hand.

Sean Edward Hartman: All you need to know about son of the late Phil Hartman 3

Sean Edward Hartman Net worth


He has an estimated value of $1million as An awesome actor-writer who has earned a fair amount throughout his career Seeing his making. the annual makes around $150 to $200 thousand of an average salary In contrast.

Sean is now living a lavish and blissful life as his father’s home price is around $700.7k Looking at the value of his assets. his father, Phil, has a net worth of roughly $3.2 million Likewise.

Relationship Status


To get lifelong love and love He might also be waiting for the right individual to come into his life. He keeps her private life far from the eye instead of being on any connections However, he is focusing on his profession.

Body measurement

He’s black hair color with a pair of green color eyes he hasn’t revealed any information about his stature weight, chest size, waist size, apparel size. Dean is tall; nevertheless Talking about body measurement.


Phil Hartman was the class clown who surfed, painted, and lived the rock-and-roll lifestyle as he was a Southern Californian in the 1960s when he discovered comedy. He when their kids were 6 and 9 years old Brynn Hartman, his wife, shot and killed him. a few hours later turned the weapon on herself after She shot her husband in the head in the family’s Encino house.

Viewers were heartbroken that he would no longer be a part of the show, despite the fact that Phil was just a guest star during his multiple appearances on The Simpsons as This was one of the most disturbing crime stories of the late 1990s.

Sean Edward Hartman: All you need to know about son of the late Phil Hartman 4


which raises the inevitable question of what his children are up to now It has been a long time since Phil passed away. on May 28th, 1998, a beloved performer Phil Hartman, was shot and killed by his wife, who then turned her weapon on herself.

when the traumatic tragedy occurred. the situation was made worse by the fact that Phil and Brynn had two young children as That was a tragic occasion in any case with Birgen and Sean Edward Hartman ages were only 6 and 9 years old.

Responding officers “began removing the couple’s two minor children from the scene as Neither child was hurt physically. They seem to have grown up in a typical Midwestern household, who raised them in Wisconsin and Minnesota The kids were adopted by their maternal aunt and uncle.


The children would not receive it all at once as Their parents have left the children their entire estate valued at $1.23 million at the time. They “will each receive a third of their inheritance When Sean and Birgen reach the age of 25 or obtain a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited university. they will receive half of the remaining balance As they reach the age of 30.

They will receive the remaining balance when they reach the age of 35. Many people wondering where is Phil Hartman’s son today following The death of the comedic superstar.
There is no Sean Edward Hartman Instagram page as Sean is also a musician who has been a member of many bands over the years.

Birgen, unlike her brother, has been much more transparent about her life, with more than 20.5 thousand followers in 2021, and shares many posts She has an Instagram profile as It is not possible to find the Sean Edward Hartman Facebook profile either.


Writing that her heart will always belong to him Birgen shared a photo of her father on Instagram in 2016 in celebration of Father’s Day. from Minnesota University Birgen Hartman earned degrees in journalism and communication.

She began her own company and married in an Italian ceremony in 2018. By the couple, who had no children of their own in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and then Edina, Minnesota Birgen, and Sean were raised.

Sean Edward Hartman: All you need to know about son of the late Phil Hartman 5


In 2015 to honor her father, Birgen Hartman attended the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary celebration. Sean Edward Hartman is a writer, voice artist, actor, and graphics designer and is the oldest son of late actress Brynn Hartman and actor Phil Hartman.

While his mother is of French, Spanish, Brazilian, Scottish, Portuguese, Mexican, and English descent he is of the mixed breed as his father is of Irish, German and English descent. In Sunset, Vancouver – a major city in western Canada Sean Edward Hartman was born on June 17, 1988.

Sean Edward Hartman’s education


Information regarding his primary and college education is not currently known but Edward Hartman attended Edina High School, United States.

Sean Edward Hartman’s career

Eventually developed to be a musician as He joined several music bands while growing up as Sean Hartman has had an interest in music since he was a child. Sean Edward Hartman is also an actor, artist, and writer as He built a major career as a musician who mostly did live performances.


It was reported that while Sean Hartman was nine years old, his mother committed mariticide as Sean Edward Hartman had a pretty rough childhood due to the circumstances surrounding his parents’ deaths in 1998. To this day The Hartman’s family is widely known for this unfortunate incident.

Sean Edward Hartman: All you need to know about son of the late Phil Hartman 6

Sean Edward Hartman’s sister


Unlike her brother, Birgen is quite popular with social media and she has numerous followers as Sean Hartman’s younger sister, Birgen Anika Hartman is currently 29 years old. she is currently married and living a peaceful quiet life with her husband Most of her personal life is kept private as She is a business owner and a past member of the ‘Gilter Bomb’ band.

Sean Edward Hartman’s personal life

It is however a given that Sean Hartman presently lives in Oakland, California. He speaks very little about himself in interviews, He is also very inactive on social media and has kept his personal life away from the internet. Sean Edward has never been married and is currently single also has no children of his own but the young musician has not given any reason for his single status as His decision to remain single has been a puzzle and a matter of concern to his fans.



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