See the heartbreak story of actress Toke Makinwa

See the heartbreak story of actress Toke Makinwa

Nigerian radio personality, television host, vlogger, lifestyle entrepreneur and author Toke Makinwa is in the news.

Toke has come out to join the trend of people sharing their heartbreak stories.

Toke despite being a celebrity stated that she has gone through her fair share of heartbreak in and out of the country.

See her heratbreak story below

“Heartbreak that made me walk in the cold streets of London, below 0 degree weather without a jacket on looking for a card shop to load my phone and beg this guy not to leave me. It was cold but I was feeling hot, My head wan craze.  ah, it no go better for heartbreak

Or was it when the internet broke the news that the “then” love of my life was having a child with another woman outside? Na una tell me say my marriage don end. Its funny now but I didn’t breathe for the first 20 minutes , if I did, I don’t remember how I did. Ok bye Victory hand

The shege heartbreak has shown me in this lifetime, I suppose don enter studio win Grammy. We thank the lord , we don’t look like what we’ve been through

All I know is that heartbreak is expensive, i can’t afford it, anyone coming in to my life to break my heart, I surrender ahead, I no dey house, I’ve moved towns, pls skip my address, I no fit

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