See what these men hijacked as COVID-19 Palliatives! You will will be amazed! Video 👇

Whenever you hear this saying; “Nigerians are a special breed of people”, don’t you dare take for granted.

For the past few weeks, Nigerians have been looting COVID-19 palliatives from various warehouses in the country.

A countless number of warehouses in the country that contain COVID-19 palliatives have been discovered by the locals and most of them have been looted successfully.

While people are busy looting COVID-19 palliatives like rice, garri, noodles and other food items, a group of Hausa men did something extraordinary.

They didn’t bother about food or seeds for planting. Instead, they hijacked a tractor!! Now you understand why some Nigerians are a special breed of people.

See video👇


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