See why Governor El-Rufai is under fire on Twitter

See why Governor El-Rufai is under fire on Twitter 2

By Kalu Onyemaechi

Governor of Kaduna State Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai has been on the receiving end of severe criticisms by Twitter users over his tweet.

El-Rufai’s tweet was a reaction to a compliment by a Twitter user, Taiwo Ajakaye @dmightyangel.

“I really wish we will get more @elrufai in politics.
The man left FCT and till date, the Federal Capital Territory has not been able to have another FCT minister that’s close to the shoe latchet of Elrufai in terms of courage, administration, performance & focus.
14 years ago o”, Ajakaye tweeted at 8:45 am, November 10.

“This is an exaggerated compliment @dmightyangel but thank you for some of the words of encouragement. God Bless our nation. – @elrufai”, Governor El-Rufai reacted warmly six hours later.

However, this did not sit well with several Twitter users who poured down venom because they felt that it was hypocritical to enjoy Twitter in another country while it has been banned here in Nigeria.

“You really should be absolutely and disgustingly ashamed of yourself @elrufai .
You are going outside to enjoy the very basic thing a government you are part of have denied the people.
While enjoying the twitter without VPN, also enjoy the security you have denied your people”, Aisha Yesufu replied.

“@elrufai while you gleefully tweet, you also gleefully know that you will not be disappeared like Dadiyata was in your State and if you are like he was, the State will look for you!
You can continue to shamelessly enjoy that which you have failed to provide for your people!

“Until citizens go after the very thing that make these guys arrogant, they will continue to treat people with disdain!
Staying away from politics or election is not it!
Yank it!
Imagine the @elrufai that knelt his way to Kaduna State government House tweeting with this arrogance!”, Aisha concluded.

“This takes the gold medal in the Hypocrisy Olympics. Not a single word about the obnoxious ban on free speech in your own country, but willing to voice huge relief on the same app from a foreign land that accords you the same freedom you were denied at home. I can’t can”, Chuba Ugwu reacted.

“You are enjoying freedom outside Nigeria. Come back to face Malami’s ban”, Otaigbe Imadegbelo reacted.

“Outside Nigeria or not,your Lord has ordered y’all to stop using the app. Double standard politicians”, Count Johnik reacted.

“So you can break the law outside Nigeria, But your Government is prosecuting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for the things he said outside Nigeria, Make it make sense”, Onyeamama reacted.

“The only place you get freedom of speech is outside Nigeria”, Rinu Oduala reacted.

The 61-year-old former minister of the Federal Capital Territory reacted to Rinu’s submission in order to clear the air.

“Wrong @SavvyRinu! Conflating Twitter with “freedom of speech” is a significant exaggeration. Freedoms of many descriptions existed before and without Twitter, and will remain long after!! Enjoy your day”, El-Rufai said.

This backlash stems from the negligence of the APC administration that has seen many businesses on Twitter collapse due to the ban.

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