Shame on you all! – Nigerian singer, Simi blast Federal Government over recurring ASUU strike!

Shame on you all! – Nigerian singer, Simi blast Federal Government over recurring ASUU strike!

Nigerian songstress, Simisola who is otherwise known by her stage name, “Simi” has expressed her anger and disappointment at the Federal Government over the recurring ASUU strike.

She said that the constant ASUU strike action has cut the dreams and aspirations of many Nigerian youths short as they settle for “crumbs” after spending far more than the duration of their various courses at the higher institutions.

Simi accused the government of being inconsiderate, uncompassionate and also neglecting the people who voted them into power.

She went on to say that the country has become a laughing stock even though it claims to be the “Giant of Africa.”

The “Duduke” crooner expressed her anger in a lengthy post via her Twitter page.

She said;

Higher institutions on strike for months almost, if not every, year. The odds are always stacked against the average Nigerian. You spend the first half of our life just trying to survive. To eat. To catch up. When you finally decide to settle, you don’t have enough to do even that”

“Taking away the hopes and dreams of the youth. Destroying their futures so they’re ready to settle for crumbs. Just so they can live to see the next day and fight for more crumbs. Because they’re not your children, their futures don’t matter???? Shame on you!!!”

“If the leaders in our own country can’t have compassion on their people, then what can we do? They get into power and abuse it, abuse the people they should be serving. The rest of the world laughing at the so-called giant of Africa. Shame on all of you!!”

“Imagine doing a 4yr course for 8 years…still no job. This modafukkin wickedness is too much.”

The current ASUU strike is 8-months-old after several futile negotiations between the academic body and the Federal Government.

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