Simi’s latest track “Woman” showcases gender roles and stigmatization

Simi's latest track "Woman" showcases gender roles and stigmatization 2

Afro pop singer Simi has released a new tune called “Woman,” which defies gender stereotypes and celebrates women’s resilience.

Simi’s long-held socio-political ideas on equality are turned into a sonic thesis for women’s liberation, drawing on the uncompromising attitude of Afrobeat to reclaim the narrative for women.

Simi's latest track "Woman" showcases gender roles and stigmatization 3
Simi Woman

The new single follows Simi’s #NobodyLikeWoman campaign, which she launched on October 8th. #NobodyLikeWoman is a storytelling competition that encourages women to describe some of the unique and traumatic stigmas they face.

With over 20,000 entries, the challenge provided a platform for women all around the world to share their heartbreaking and eye-opening experiences

Listen to Simi’s “Woman” here

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