Star children: All you need to know about rainbow, crystal, and indigo babies


Star children: All you need to know about rainbow, crystal, and indigo babies

There is a need to know more about Star Children. In this article, all there is to know about a rainbow, crystal, and indigo babies will be explained. By nature children are complex. They have exhibited a rare combination of traits standing out from the previous generations Over the years.

Characterized with unique personality features are special groups of children spring from the 70s However. They are commonly referred to as star children as their natural abilities supersede those of other children.

Their mission on earth sets them apart from the rest, Star child meaning Star children are gifted human beings with unique abilities so let’s take a look at the star child’s meaning as well as star children’s characteristics.


The star child paves ways for humankind to thrive As change-makers on the forefront. which is pivotal to the development of humanity They assist in raising human frequency.
It is estimated that the star child has been incarnating on earth for over 100 years as the Starseed child is another term coined to refer to the metaphysical concept of a star child.

The star children have come in three generations, namely indigo children, crystal children, and rainbow children From the 70s as The first wave of star children on the planet was tracked as early as the 1970s.

Each generation has borne subsequent generations as Indigo children were the first of the three waves of the star children. crystal children and rainbow children possess similar special abilities and traits, whereas rainbow children were borne to crystal parents In as much as indigo children as Indigo parents bore crystal children.


Everyone has met a child who they thought was wise beyond their years among Star children characteristics Arguably as Each generation of the star child dawns with its unique features in abilities and traits.

Each new wave of the Starseed child displays unique characteristics and abilities as The star child exhibits certain features that differentiate them from the rest Interesting. They understand their common purpose is to assist humankind as they rebuild the earth they belong to; the star children share common features Regardless of the generation.

To body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice They are focused observers and sensitive. As They see individuals who are emotionally hurting and want to help. They fathom things that transcend their physical form and limits of the earth and Wise beyond their years.

They grasp large concepts Regardless of their age. Their aura of unconditional love helps them spread positive emotions to those hurting and They have a high degree of emotional intelligence even immersed in the world of poetry They draw, paint, sing, dance as They express themselves freely and wordlessly through brain activities such as creative arts.


They are still waiting for the world to catch up with them as The Starseed child always seems faster than the world’s pace around them. They feel disconnected from others because of their unusual thoughts and behavior as They clearly understand that everything on the planet is connected and belongs to everyone as Material things do not particularly interest star children.

Knows they have past lives, They feel as if they have lived in several previous lives as The concept of reincarnation is predominant with star children and They love nature and can take strolls to look at the forest or look beyond the horizon of large water bodies, They can spend hours looking at the sky, moon, and stars as they Have a great connection to nature, animals, the night sky, moon and stars as they amazingly connect with animals.

It is a way to distinguish them from previous and forthcoming Starseed children, Each incoming generation tends to go beyond traits and characteristics boundaries as Star children are always inclined to push boundaries that were set by their predecessor generation.


Who are Indigo children?

They are the first wave of the Starseed child and first dawned in the 1970s as Indigo children are intuitive, strong-willed, and very sensitive. Indigo star children were born from 1970 to 1992 as The term Indigo refers to their auric field.

They share the common purpose to make humankind better Just like other Starseed children. including; A higher sense of self-worth The star child from the indigo generation shows a myriad of characteristics as The main task for this Starseed child is to fight for justice and expose the truth.

Especially better ideas for existing methods as Indigo children see the world differently and offer better ideas and new methods. making them confident as These star children are born knowing that they are unique.


Which poses a challenge in their relationships and interaction with others They are hard on themselves as They possess innate knowledge to do things better. Indigos have a strong sense of knowing about people and their situations as They are free thinkers and have a hard time putting up with rules and authority. they have wisdom unlike others of their age as Indigos feel like they have lived a handful of lifetimes and They stand up against compromised integrity.

What is a crystal child?

They are the second wave of generation after indigo babies, their predecessors as Crystal kids are gentle, loving, and forgiving. They are very linked to the world and are considered pure spirits and They are highly sensitive as a result of their global consciousness.


A major wave of crystal kids was born in the 90s to early 2000s Although the first crystal baby can be traced to the late 80s. Their aura is therefore referred to as crystal as They possess an Octarine-like aura that the human eye cannot see.

They are tasked to teach the world unity as they live by the law as The main purpose of crystal kids is to make the earth a better place by leading humanity to love and peace. They have a calming aura with a penetrating gaze as Crystal children are forgiving. they make it possible to work on energy in new ways They display magical abilities, and as a result.

They live in the present and are affected by neither the past nor the future They are caring, fun-loving, and love to hug. they are guided with their hearts and not their mind which is One of a crystal baby’s unique characteristics they can tell what others are feeling and thinking as They relate with others very well, and from time to time.

They are affected by adverse events on an individual level and other world occurrences They suffer from allergies as a result of their sensitivity as Crystal children are sensitive to sound, colors, the environment, and others’ emotions and tend to speak later than their appropriate age.


Who are rainbow babies?

Their abilities and characteristics are not widely known therefore They are also the rarest type of star children. The last wave of the Starseed child is the rainbow babies, They are the last star children.

This wave of rainbow children sprung in the 2000s as Rainbow babies are also special because they are the highest example of true potential therefore Their scarcity makes them different. Their purpose is to raise human vibration and frequency, They are born with a bundle of positive emotions and have no karma as They possess a rare quality of quickly recovering from negative emotions.


They came to heal and realign humankind and They have not lived on earth before. What makes them more focused to bring more happiness, harmony, and defy odds as They have no earthly karma. hence they are easily forgiving because They are not affected by negative emotions.

These star children are fearless and are not easily distracted from their mission on earth, They are only are born when the world needs to evolve. therefore, do not require much sleep as They have constant high energy and are well-attached to their mission, kind loving, and Full of empathy.


Who has special perceptive abilities A Star Child is a unique living person who is unlike the majority of us? because they can see beyond the negative emotions that people outwardly display when hurt Unconditional love is all around for the Star Child.


A Star Child is often calm, smiling, and the first to hug a stranger In a world filled with unhappiness and frustrations. they spread positive emotions to those who are being outwardly negative as They have a high degree of emotional intelligence. A Star Child commonly uses their loving nature to help heal others around them receives unconditional love returned back to them from all of those that they help.


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