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Sudanese student gets racially discriminated by local uncles

Sudanese student gets racially discriminated by local uncles 2

A SUDANESE student was the target of racist abuse by two local middle-aged man when riding the bus due to forgetting on wearing a mask in public transportation.

A report by Wau Post said a video shared on Reddit by user @Tsilent_killer on the subreddit thread r/Malaysia showed a middle aged man in a blue shirt seen yelling vulgarities at the Sudanese, known as Ayman, after he was spotted not wearing a mask on board a public bus and also threatened the student by demanding to see his travel documents.


“Who are you?! Show your passport! You know who I am? You don’t know right? I can get you into trouble, big trouble!” he yelled.

Not only that, another older man was seen making similar racist remarks before the man in blue questioned whether he can read the English sign on the bus.

“Do you know English?! You can speak! Do you read?! You follow the law in Malaysia!” while gesturing at what is supposedly a sign.


Both older men told the Sudan national to go back to his country if he refuses to obey the law with one of them pointing at Ayman’s mask claiming that it is dirty and accused him of not changing his mask.

“He’s ashamed of his name, he’s ashamed of his country. What are you doing in Malaysia?” the man in blue said.

He also approached the young man telling him to stop recording and insists that he already broke a law and then said to ‘live and let live’.


The middle-aged man then sat down. Meanwhile, Ayman was reportedly calm throughout the ordeal and told the man to go deport him or issue a fine over the offense.

Ayman then clarified that after he boarded the nearly empty bus near Damansara Uptown and had forgotten to wear his mask .

“Shortly after, a man boarded the bus and bee-lined to me, shouting and asking where my mask was. I told him to calm down and take a seat as the bus was about to move, and that I would put my mask on,” he said.


Nonetheless, the man was not satisfied with his answer and still demanded that he wear a mask immediately. Ayman then claims the row went too far as he was called a ‘n**’ before being told to return to his country.

“He even tried to convince the bus driver (who wasn’t wearing a mask) to kick me off of the bus. After around 3 minutes of being berated, I decided to start recording as they clearly had no intentions of stopping despite the fact that I put my mask on,” he added.

Not only that, Ayman said that he has resided in Malaysia for over 14 years, with his primary and secondary education completed. He adds that he does not believe this incident wholly represents Malaysians and said that this is the worst he had faced so far.


“However, I definitely don’t think that these people represent Malaysia in any way, some of the best humans I know come from a similar background to those men,” he said.

Source – Sun Uk


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