Teenager, Comfort Benjamin raped, killed on the eve of her 16th birthday!


A young girl identified as Comfort Benjamin was reportedly raped and killed in Jos just a day before what could have been her 16th birthday anniversary.

Reports have that Comfort Benjamin went missing and efforts to locate her proved abortive until her corpse was found days later.

Margaret Ebulue, a Twitter user who appeared to be familiar with the incident said she was gruesomely murdered after being raped.

Her post reads;


“Celebration turned mourning’ How Comfort Benjamin died a day to her 16th birthday. Comfort Benjamin who was declared missing on the 22nd of May by her family, was found strangulated, raped, murdered, and dumped by the roadside at nassarawa.”

“According to her sister, Mary Benjamin all efforts to find her sister seem fruitless until they got a call from one of the vigilantes, whose description of one of the two corpses they found was of her little sister, the story didn’t end there.”

“This happened in Jos, her corpse was found In Nassarawa gwong area of Jos, plateau state… it allegedly reported that her corpse was thrown from a Keke in the night of same Saturday while her family were busy looking for her”

Reactions have since been pouring as her regards her gruesome rape and murder on Twitter;



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