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‘Tenant from hell’ – Man kicks out housemate due to unhygienic habits

‘Tenant from hell’ - Man kicks out housemate due to unhygienic habits 2

RECENTLY, a local man’s 15-second TikTok video titled ‘tenant from hell’ went viral after after he kicked out another tenant for his extremely unhygienic habits.

The owner of the viral video, Mohd Firdaus Ismail, spoke to mStar about his situation and said that he was renting a room in an apartment at Puchong with another housemate for two years until another man in his 30s occupied the third room in the unit.


“When he first came in, I wasn’t at home because I was outstation. The rental was managed by another friend who rented the master bedroom which has its own bathroom. However, I soon notice his disgusting habits as we share the same bathroom. When I entered the bathroom in the morning, I could smell urine and saw that the sink had yellow water in it,” he said.

On top of that, Mohd Firdaus lamented that he had to deal with the tenant’s messy toilet habits in spite of being warned repeatedly, adding that there were pieces of feces scattered all over the bathroom floor and the toilet hole was not cleaned thoroughly.

He also said that the housemate had a bad habit of taking his and another tenant’s food and drink without permission and with his patience wearing thin, he decided to kick him out of the house after three weeks.


Ever since his post had gone viral, many people had agreed with his decision and many expressed their shock and disgust upon seeing clips of the housemate’s filthy living conditions and other repulsive habits.


Source – Sun Uk

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