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Toddler tries to take a bite out of a little chick

Toddler tries to take a bite out of a little chick 2

FRIED chicken is tasty, but can you eat a real-life chicken?

A TikTok video has recently gone viral showing an adorable toddler’s trying to take a bite out of a tiny chick.


The video shows the toddler holding the little chick, in its chubby hands, and immediately trying to take a bite out of it. The black and white creature is so small, that it looks like a toy.

Fortunately, someone sitting next to the toddler, probably their mother, manages to prevent the child from ‘eating’ the chick by pulling at their hand and causing them to drop it.

However, the determined child almost immediately picks up the chick again, and quickly pops its entire head in his or her mouth before anyone can stop them!


Luckily, it seems both toddler and chick walked away from the ‘close encounter’ with no lasting effects. And while we do feel sorry for the hapless little chick, the entire incident was so cute, we just had to watch it over and over again!


Source – Sun Uk

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