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Tokyo Olympics: Nigerian Athletes protest over AFN’s non-compliance with out-of-competition drug tests! (Pictures)

The 10 Nigerian athletes from the track and field events banned from competing at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics due to their officials non-compliance with the out-of-competition drug test, today took to the streets of the games village in Tokyo to protest.

The Athletics Intelligence Unit on Wednesday ruled that 10 athletes from Nigeria will not be allowed to compete in their respective track and field competitions which start today due to non-compliance with the out-of-competition drug tests.

The AIU said:

“Nigeria is the most affected country, not meeting the minimum testing requirements under Rule 15 for 10 athletes. Nigeria was included in Category A at the start of 2020 following a continued period of weak domestic testing levels.”

The Athletes in their tracksuits held placards with the inscriptions: “All we want to do is to compete”, Why should we suffer because of someone’s negligence?”

See pictures below,


The Athletics Federation of Nigeria in a statement took responsibility for the misappropriation and promised to comply with article 15 of the anti-doping rules of World Athletics.

The AFN bears responsibility for any lapses that may have occurred during the process and reassures Nigerians that our performances will not be negatively impacted,” the AFN said in a statement.” 

“All our athletes resident in Nigeria and who qualified for the Olympic Games completed the three mandatory tests.”

“Most of our top athletes resident in the USA also completed their tests. However, a few athletes in the American collegiate system were tested, but those tests were deemed not to have complied with Wada sample collection and analysis standards.”

“It must be noted that no Nigerian athlete tested positive to prohibited substances.”

“The AFN has taken proactive steps to avoid future occurrences by appointing Professor Ken Anugweje as the head of the Medical and Anti-Doping Commission of the Federation.”

Athletics has produced 13 of Nigeria’s 25 medals at the Olympics since its first participation in  1952.

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