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Top Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard

Top Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard 2

Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard

Are you looking for competent and well-experienced car accident lawyers in Oxnard to help handle your car-related injury case? Then look no further, we have compiled a list of some of the best car accident lawyers in Oxnard from which you can choose. 

Before we share the list of the top car accident Lawyers in Oxnard with you, let us quickly take a look at who a personal injury lawyer is, what he or she does, and why you should hire one when the need arises.  

Who is a Car Accident Lawyer? 

Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard

A car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer is a legal professional who argues in favor of people who have been physically or psychologically injured as a result of another person’s, company’s, government agency’s, or other entities error.

A personal injury lawyer or a car accident lawyer can help you build your case and file for settlements as soon as possible if you were injured in a car accident and were to blame. 


While it is possible to settle a car accident claim without legal representation, a car accident lawyer can assist you in maximizing your monetary earnings while also protecting your rights as an accident victim.

They can also relieve some of the difficulty associated with dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, allowing you to concentrate on more important matters such as recovery.

Is hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer good? 

Yes, it is beneficial, which is why retaining the services of an experienced accident attorney is wise.

A personal injury lawyer can help casualties, or their clients, file acceptable cases and pursue appropriate legal action to obtain compensation. A personal injury attorney can frequently assist in settling such cases outside of court.


Let us introduce you to some of the best car accident lawyers in Oxnard who can help you get a fair judgment and settlement if you or someone you know is involved in an accident. 

Top Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard 3

Top Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard

Here are the top car accident lawyers in Oxnard you can count on to handle your case. 

Note that the list of car accident lawyers in Oxnard listed below are in no particular order so pay less attention to how they are numbered. 

  • Howard Blau Law (Top Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard)

Howard Blau Law is one of the best car accident lawyers in Oxnard that represents clients injured in bicycle, bus, car, motor scooter, motorcycle, and truck accidents. 


The firm also represents people who have suffered brain, burn, electrical, or spinal cord injuries. Howard Blau, the firm’s founder, has over 40 years of experience defending clients against insurance companies and corporations, and he works tirelessly to obtain the best possible compensation. Dog bite and wrongful death cases are two other areas of practice.

Howard Blau, the motorcycle-riding attorney-at-law and owner of Howard Blau Law, is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives, and he accomplishes this by taking on complex cases that hold negligent individuals, large corporations, and insurance companies accountable for serious injuries and wrongful deaths.

Howard credits his consistent selection as a Ventura County Star Readers Choice Award winner to his dedication to fighting for the underdog and treating his clients with the respect they deserve.



300 E Esplanade Dr. Fl 9

Oxnard, CA 93036

+1 805-644-2112

  • Law Offices of Deirdre Frank

Another respected attorney among the long list of car accident lawyers in Oxnard is Deirdre Frank. Dierdre Frank Law Offices is a personal injury law firm in Ventura, California, that has been serving clients since 1984. 


Car, boat, trucking, and bicycle accidents, head and spinal injuries, slip-and-fall cases, and pedestrian accidents are all areas of practice for the firm. 

Dierdre Frank Law Offices also handles medical malpractice and product liability claims. Dierdre Frank, the firm’s founding attorney, is a member of the California Bar Association. Services are provided in both English and Spanish.

Since 1984, the Law Offices of Deirdre Frank has been litigating personal injury and workers’ compensation cases on behalf of the injured. We also handle Social Security Disability claims because some of our clients are unable to work for extended periods of time due to their disabilities. We are committed to each case’s details, personal attention, and aggressive investigation.



1280 S. Victoria Avenue, Suite 200

Ventura, California 93003


  • Kinsler Law Offices (Top Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard) 

Individuals and families in the Oxnard area can turn to Kinsler Law Offices for legal advice and representation. Personal injury is one of its practice areas, and it covers a wide range of incidents such as car accidents, slips and falls, and animal attacks.


The firm also assists families with wrongful death claims. Kinsler Law Offices also handles workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, and immigration cases. Its primary attorney, Paul F. Kinsler has been in practice for over 20 years. 


300 South C Street Suite 3

Oxnard, CA 93030


+1 805-330-6567

  • Focil Law Firm

Focil Law Firm serves clients in Oxnard and the surrounding communities. The law firm handles a wide range of injury claims, including car accident lawsuits.

It represents victims of car accidents and helps them with all of their legal, financial, and medical needs. It also acts as a liaison with insurance adjusters, attempting to settle claims for the highest possible amount.

Abogado Augusto Focil, Jr., the firm’s founder, is a bilingual attorney who also speaks Spanish. 


“Focil Law Firm is a unique law firm for our changing world. We focus on helping those injured as a result of negligence or injury at their workplace. We regularly handle workers’ compensation, car accidents, auto vs pedestrian, dog bite, product liability, wrongful death, brain injuries, and catastrophic injuries” 


Oxnard Headquarters/Mailing Address:

200 S A St #200A, Oxnard, CA 93030



  • The Law Office of Tim Riley (Top Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard) 

Tim Riley, without a doubt, ranks high among the most experienced group of car accident lawyers in Oxnard. Tim Riley Law Office has been serving the Oxnard community with legal services for over 38 years. Tim Riley, the firm’s lead attorney and adjunct professor at Pepperdine University School of Law, fights for the rights of injured people.

He also serves as a mediator in personal injury cases. The California State Bar Association has certified him as a mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) provider. Riley promotes a safe and clean environment by hosting an LNG information website. 



7040 Avenida Encinas, Suite 104-413

Oxnard, CA 92011

+1 760-683-5898

  • The Law Offices of Schurmer & Wood 

Schurmer & Wood is a personal injury law firm that represents victims of bicycle, bus, car, motorcycle, pedestrian, and trucking accidents. The firm’s Oxnard car accident lawyers have decades of experience handling serious and catastrophic injury cases.


It has a second location in Santa Barbara and provides services in both English and Spanish. The firm also represents clients in cases involving government, premises, and product liability, as well as medical malpractice and sexual harassment.

They are also one of the most experienced car accident lawyers in Oxnard. 


300 E Esplanade Dr. Ste 1180


Oxnard, CA 93036

+1 805-470-1628

  • Johnson Attorneys Group (Top Car Accident Lawyers in Oxnard) 

Johnson Attorneys Group, founded in 2006, is a personal injury law firm of car accident lawyers in Oxnard. The firm handles cases involving car, truck, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents.

It also represents people who have suffered catastrophic injuries, slip-and-fall accidents, product liability, and wrongful death. 


The American Bar Association, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Forum, the National Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Association for Justice are all members of Johnson Attorneys Group.


1000 Town Center Dr. Ste 300

Oxnard, CA 93036


+1 805-253-7088

  • Zavala Law

Zavala Law houses one of the most reputable car accident lawyers in Oxnard. Zavala Law is a multi-practice law firm that serves Oxnard clients. It helps individuals and families navigate the difficult legal process of car accident litigation.

Its injury attorneys fight for maximum compensation for clients from at-fault drivers and insurance companies. The team also handles cases involving wrongful death, commercial, employment, and labor law.

Before establishing his firm in 2018, founding lawyer Matthew Zavala spent over a decade working for insurance companies and large private organizations. 



674 County Square Dr # 207-A

Ventura, CA 93003

+1 805-667-0398 


When Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer? 

If you are seeking compensation after a car accident, you are not required by law to hire an attorney. Some car accident victims choose to seek legal counsel and representation to focus on their health and recovery while also pursuing legal action.

You have the right to consult with an attorney at any time during the process of filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

While hiring a lawyer does not guarantee a specific outcome for your case, they can help you investigate the accident, gather evidence to show the other driver’s negligence, and negotiate with insurers on your behalf. This can assist you in managing the legal process while spending time with your family.

How much do Car Accident Lawyers Charge in California? 

Car accident lawyers hardly charge an hourly rate, instead opting for a “contingency fee.”


If you need a personal injury lawyer in California, you will almost certainly be paying a “contingency fee” for his or her services. This means that your legal professional’s fee would be deducted from the final settlement or verdict for your claim.

If your attorney loses or is unable to obtain money on your behalf, he or she will not seek payment from you.

A typical “contingency fee” percentage charged by an attorney in California would be 33.33 percent or one-third of the amount of the settlement or verdict awarded to you by the court.

A legal professional’s rate, on the other hand, can range from 25% to 75%, depending on a variety of factors. These percentages are frequently determined by your lawyer’s experience, the laws of the state in which you live, whether or not your case goes to trial, and the complexity of your case.


When you and your lawyer reach an agreement on the percentage of a “contingency fee,” he or she will draft a written agreement that both of you must sign.

After you sign the retainer agreement, your lawyer will give you a signed copy that includes the agreed-upon rate.

How Much is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in California?

According to statistics from across the United States, the majority of reported cases settle for between $14,000 and $28,000. The national average is around $21,000. So, what does this mean for your situation? Nothing in particular. Because every case is unique. We have handled injury cases ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. There is no such thing as a magic number

Is it worth during after a car accident 

It is not always necessary to file a lawsuit following a car accident. It is rarely worthwhile to sue when there are no injuries, especially if the fault is established. You should first file an auto insurance claim before filing a lawsuit.


If the other driver caused the accident, their insurance company should make you a settlement offer after you file your claim. If no physical injuries occurred, this compensation will most likely be sufficient to cover your property damage expenses. 

If you believe the insurance company’s offer is too low, you have the right to reject it and go to court. If an insurance company refuses to pay a claim or makes a low-ball offer, you should consider filing a lawsuit.

If an insurance company refuses to pay a claim or makes a low-ball offer, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer to help you figure out what to do. 

If you were injured in a car accident, your claim is more likely to be worth more, and there is a greater chance that the insurance company will not pay out as much as you could in court, especially if you have serious physical injuries. Lawyers understand how to calculate pain and suffering and can assist you in making the best case possible.


Remember that if you sue after a car accident, the success of your case will be determined by your ability to prove the other driver was at fault, as well as the extent of your injuries. The following elements are commonly used in court to determine fault: 

  • Police reports
  • Unbiased witness testimony
  • Photographs
  • Video evidence

You also have to keep receipts for all medical expenses and repair bills. 

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